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October 9th 2011
Published: October 10th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well its the end of week 4. I can't believe its been 4 weeks already!

This week has been pretty quiet. Not much has gone on. I have been trying to top up my tan so from 10 until about 12.30 the sun shines in my yard so I make the most of it!

I did however book flights to Italy!! Im going to do a little tour with a friend. We.re going to Milan, Pisa then Rome! Im soo excited I can't wait! Although I do think its going to be a little expensive!

90's Night! Saturday was a 90s themed party in the Medina! On the way I bought cigarettes for a friend...the first time Ive ever bought them!!
I bought some 25 dirham Vodka and Patis so it was obviously going to be a good night! I was where's Wally or Waldo as we had to say! It was such a fun night although the americans took things a little too far in regards to dancing and "getting to know each other". We had shisha which again was a new experience for me! The neighbour kept on coming in and litterally said "no theres no problem I just want to watch" yes watch the girls make out and dance... We finally got to bed at around 5ish as we couldn't be bothered to wait up for the sunrise! However when I was asleep Rosa snuck in and spoon raped me which I had no idea about until she told me the next day!

Sunday morning I was asleep...Sunday lunch time a few of us went to cafe clock for some greasy food! I had a camel burger (again a first!) garlic bread and hummus...I felt pretty sick afterwards a mixture of the heat and seeing a camels head for sale before entering the restaurant so it wasn't the nicest meal!

And so that was pretty much it for week 4! Week 5 doesn't seem to hold much greater things either! Ill just be preparing for Italy and hoping booking China...(More to follow on that story!) and maybe going to the beach again for the weekend!



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