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September 26th 2012
Published: September 26th 2012
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Wow! I thought the last couple of days were fun but oh no, the best was still to come!

After leaving the campsite above chefchouen, we planned a route striaght to Fés via a route named "death road". This is a road that was apperently incomplete, but for a bunch of burly off roaders, this seemed to good place to go and play. Once out of chefchouen and onto the "Death Road", it turned out to be a single track, tarmaced road that has a 2 foot strip of gravel either side, which is for diving out the way of the on coming traffic, and sods law dictates that they will appear on a blind corner, every time. The views are amazing as you can see for miles and it's all surrounded by mountains. Though this was not what you really wanted to see when there's no armco to keep you on the road and a local merc up your chuff, forcing its way past on a blind corner.

At the end it turns right and starts it's way to Fés down what we now call, "bad Road". This is a major understatement, as the road had been tarmaced once, 10 years ago atleast, and what is left is very badly damaged and potholed to the point where it felt better to be driving on the gravel around it. The problem then became a dense cloud of dust kicked up by those in front and on coming vehicles, which made it almost impossible to spot the craters before you hit them. This started off as a laugh until we realised it could last the next 40 miles! Luckly it didn't, but it was definately the longest 12 miles of the day and in the process it shook Daves tent loose and caused my rear axle to blow a seal. But if this is the most I need to fix I'll be very lucky.

In the middle of the "bad Road" we found some nice smooth tarmac, which lasted for a hundred yards then was back to gravel and potholes. Once at the end, the road slowly re-introduced us back into smooth tarmac, with the odd bit here and there, as we neared Fés.

Once back on a decent road we stoppped for Fuel and then tried a café where we tried the local mint tea. Fun stuff as its very sweet and has a spearmint taste to it.

Now the real fun began as it felt like we hit the city at rush hour as the place was chaos. Horns bibbing, suicidal cyclists and mopeds, with stop start taxis and school buses all trying to weave between me and the curb while going round roundabouts and junctions. after the Tetouen taxi terror rides I was slightly prepared for it, just not that intense! Still it put a smile on my face, mostly when we finally arrived at the campsite and could chill.

Mileage: 1688.

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2nd October 2012

Hi, send my love to David. Sounds like you are all having fun x

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