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Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » Safi November 11th 2009

Nov 6 So today we had to go find where the break is. I wantted to suit up and go look but jay said why don't we just go for a walk first and look at it. Well it took us around a hour to get to the break where it was firing, at least head high to over head with steep fast walls. So we sat and watched it a bit and I said well i've seen enough let's get our stuff. We decided to try and take the road back and maybe get a taxi but we didn't find one till we were about half way back. Once we got back we suited up and got a taxi back to the point this all took about 2 hours or so which doesn't seem ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » Safi August 25th 2008

What photos!!!! What colours, I hope they azll make the trip home!! Have had no luck with the possibility of uploading them;, but who knows soon. -smile- Me and Maria, just spent two nights in Safi, on the coast 200k from Marrakech, and are heading to Essaouira this afternoon. where we will spend so,e days. Marrakech was really lovely, and we saw a number of contradictory towns squeezed into one space. The Souk or artizan selling quarter was particularly atmospheric, many beautiful colours and light games from sun coming through the mats over head, the yellowy glowing lights in the tiny shops piled hight with merchandise. everyone sitting languidly in the 40 something degree heat. We sat to eat with the locals, and got lost in the back streets, literally, not int he romantic Lonely Plantet ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » Safi March 7th 2008

We got up nice and late, and thoroughly enjoyed taking our time getting ready. We almost managed to successfully avoid the slightly sleazy hotel guy but at the last moment he came over for a chat. We went out in search of a cremerie where we could buy picnic items. We bought yoghurts, bread, cheese and fruit, including an expensive apple. As we were walking back through town towards the beach we saw a few cafes but it was too late for breakfast in any of them. We found a place that still had a couple of pain au chocolat left and we accompanied them with two tankards of orange juice. The walk to the beach didn't feel as long because we knew that it was reachable by foot. It took about forty minutes which means ... read more
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Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » Safi March 6th 2008

Ok, so it sounds like we have an addiction to crepes, but we have only had so many because we had to buy our own syrup for the first lot. We sat and ate the crepes whilst waiting for other people to turn up for the collective. We only had to wait about forty minutes for the taxi to fill up and we were on our way. Strangely enough we didn't receive the whole you can buy out the whole taxi spiel which we normally do. When you are the first ones to arrive for a collective they will tell you the price of the whole car, almost expecting you to pay it. What is worse is when there are four or five of you waiting and they all look at you as if to say ... read more
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Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » Safi July 1st 2006

We spend a relaxing five days in Essaouria recovering from the mountain experience of woe. Essaouria was a really fab place, busy but relaxed with a combination of artists and rastas who made the whole town have a very chilled out feel. Spent our time sitting and watching and learning to walk again. In our time there we managede to swim in the seam eat freshly caught sardines, flood our bedroom, have a home cooked meal and meet someone who's grandma new Jimi Hendrix (he had a house there). We also made incomprehensible music with some very drunk Moroccans and had our first sip of wine in more than three weeks. We purchased orange trousers and Alice got straight back into the shopping mode - flinging hangers around and having sevaral assistants on the go at ... read more
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