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August 25th 2008
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A stop sign in Casablanca, the night of the lunar eclipse.
What photos!!!! What colours, I hope they azll make the trip home!! Have had no luck with the possibility of uploading them;, but who knows soon. -smile-

Me and Maria, just spent two nights in Safi, on the coast 200k from Marrakech, and are heading to Essaouira this afternoon. where we will spend so,e days.

Marrakech was really lovely, and we saw a number of contradictory towns squeezed into one space. The Souk or artizan selling quarter was particularly atmospheric, many beautiful colours and light games from sun coming through the mats over head, the yellowy glowing lights in the tiny shops piled hight with merchandise. everyone sitting languidly in the 40 something degree heat. We sat to eat with the locals, and got lost in the back streets, literally, not int he romantic Lonely Plantet way, but eventually found our way back. after Baking heat of the sun had tried to fry us on the spot... we survived.

We zoomed up in to the Atlas Mountains too, saw the scenery change a hundred times, the different plants give way to others, pink flowers clinging to the rivver side and arid ebankments leading up hundredsq of meeters up in to the air.

We spent a night in the Sahara with Berber Tribe's people -the sweetest and most spontaneous people so far. -wink to Dulce for something she said in a mail- The'd just throw themselves on the sand dunes, next to you and start chatting. It was night, and after a lovely Tajine dinner. The smiles could be made out even in the starlight, though not for the whiteness of their teeth, certainly for the wide spread of happiness on their face. Playing with sand... rinning it over your hand, feeling the heat of it throb onto your skin. The heat of the sun making one wonder if it wasn't the heat of their hearts and blood that created this desent. The casual robes, relaxed atmosphere and beating of drums vibrating through the sand into our boddies were all as simple, innocent and basic, as any child would set out to do. And thus I was reminded of childhood by well grown men in the Sahara.

Now something in Spanish for my audience was ignored last time round. Just to say all is fine. Come to Morocco whenever you can, and you'll hear from me soon.

Aqui estamos, Ni Dos semanas y tantas historias que tendria que pasaeme dos dias escriviendolas.

He visto Un eclipse lunar nada mas llegar a Casablanca, que mejor sitio que delante de la mesquita mas grande del norte de africa. Tortitas de cebolla en las calles de Casa, como le llaman los de alli. Irresistiblemente simples y buenas. Si no todos los dias, casi, encontramos algo muy bueno y diferente para probar. Antes de ayer en Safi, pedimos una pizza, nada mas Marroqui que aquella pizza, con verduras, especias super diferentes y aquel toque exotico indefinible. El Mar es lindo, aunque lo hemos visto un poco sucio para entrar aqui cerca del puerto, vamos a Essaouira pero nos dicen que no mucho mejor. a ver si entro mas al sur.

Hay mucha riquza, casas lindas y muy opulentas, algo que no me lo esperava, pero hemos visto solo parte del pais infimo para comentar a esta hora realmente. Descubriendo transportes, estilos de hoteles y banos y restaurantes y sonrisas. Pero hasta ahora, aunque el calor y el regateo las dos peores molestias, todo muy bien y muchas experiencias inolvidables, o por lo menos si llevo las fotos je je.

Hemos pâsado una noche en el Desierto del Sahara con los bereberes, que simpaticos y espontaneos, un plazer de estar con ellos, compartir una noche de tamores y charlas en las dunas de tras de la tienda. Dormi al aire libre, pr el calor que hacia, y creed lo o no pero pase la noche fuera al arie libre, a pesar de la paquena tempestad de arena por la noche... tape la cara y alla, no mas arena en la cara. Las estrellas nos vijgilaron el sueno. Subimos en coche los montes atlas y vimos muchos pueblos Oasis y paisajes increiblezs. Conducen como locos, pêro sobrevivimos. Un abrazo a todos por ahora, Dougals.


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