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March 7th 2008
Published: March 12th 2008
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We got up nice and late, and thoroughly enjoyed taking our time getting ready. We almost managed to successfully avoid the slightly sleazy hotel guy but at the last moment he came over for a chat. We went out in search of a cremerie where we could buy picnic items. We bought yoghurts, bread, cheese and fruit, including an expensive apple.

As we were walking back through town towards the beach we saw a few cafes but it was too late for breakfast in any of them. We found a place that still had a couple of pain au chocolat left and we accompanied them with two tankards of orange juice.

The walk to the beach didn't feel as long because we knew that it was reachable by foot. It took about forty minutes which means that it really wasn't the one kilometer that Lonely Planet said it was. The beach is situated with the phosphate plant at one side and a big cliff at the other. It sounds like it should be fairly sheltered from the wind, but it really wasn't. We picked a spot and sat down but only briefly because the wind was whipping sand over us. We thought that it may be a bit more sheltered nearer the cliff so we moved further down the beach which was probably slightly better.

We began making sandwiches which was no mean feat. The process was frequently interrupted when the wind blew sand across and we had to hide the food to avoid it getting covered. We did manage to make up the food eventually, but in retrospect it would have been better to make them up before we got onto the beach.

Once we had finished eating, the beach had filled up a little with boys who were all acting more than a little curiously. It was like a scene from Rocky Balboa with them running up and down the beach and dropping to do sit ups and push ups. They did little training exercises in groups and made a big deal of doing it. Whilst they were doing that, we were trying to relax on the beach. We endured it for a while using jackets to shield us from the wind but eventually we gave in and left.

The bed was all too enticing when we got back to the hotel. Neither of
Phosphates PlantPhosphates PlantPhosphates Plant

Sur La Plage
us slept much last night due to the freight trains arriving and departing right next to our window. We napped until Rob's grumbling tummy woke him up and then we headed to Café Safi for dirt cheap meal. This time we splashed out and bought a salad as well.

We crashed into bed around midnight after a few games of rummi and whist, both hoping for a slightly better nights sleep.

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12th March 2008

recurring theme
Food, food, food and more food. If you keep on like this you'll eat us out of house and home when you get back!! Kate
13th March 2008

so scenic phosphate plants , could be walking at Redcar

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