Day 10 - leaving Todra Gorge, going to Aït Ben Haddou

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March 10th 2016
Published: March 10th 2016
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Day 10 - leaving Todra Gorge, going to Aït Ben Haddou

I woke up naturally this morning at about 6.30am... Then snoozed until about 7! Ooohhh... My aching hips! When I put my feet to the floor I felt like I had no legs! That bloody camel! ... Lol

I went outside on the terrace, which I not noticed before, it's so nice out there! The water runs by the side of the hotel, there's a pool, a lounge area, sun beds etc, it's so peaceful, and picturesque out there! I nearly missed it!

Everyone made it for breakfast at 8am; it was pancakes and jam today, with added choice of boiled eggs and bread, and as always, coffee, tea and orange juice.

We set off at 9am to go to Aït Ben Haddou. The first stop on the way is at Dades Valley. We only stopped for a photo opportunity.

We continue our drive to El Kelaa M'Gouna, the valley of roses. At the coffee stop I bought a bright yellow scarf with the Tifinagah, which is the Berber sign.

We arrive in Ouarzazate for lunch. There is heat in the sun again! Lunch was good. I had pizza and fries, I know... That's not very Moroccan, but I'm all, 'tagined' out!

The next stop was at a spice place. I learnt so much! I bought stuff for my sinuses, lips, black soap. In fact, everyone bought lots of stuff! There was also lots of cooking stuff, but as I don't cook, I didn't raise my interest! As a bonus to the visit, we all had a short Berber massage too! The main guy definitely had a good day today! He sold lots of stuff to the group!

We drove a short distance to the alcohol shop before arriving at the hotel. Another hotel, another pool, but it is way too cold to use it! We settled in, dropped out bags off, then met 10 minutes later to go for a walk into the winding streets, many steps, and all if the nooks and crannies of the village. Most of the buildings are made of an earth mix. To be honest, there is no wonder they don't last long! I wouldn't trust it! But it is really quaint! Marcel did a crazy yoga balance on a random wall near the top!

We walked for about an hour. It was a really robust and refreshing walk. When we returned to the hotel, we all sat together for a beer before the cooking class started. I have opted out of cooking, what's the point! I no longer have a kitchen, and I certainly don't cook!

After the class, we all went for dinner.... The ate their food.... I ordered!

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