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March 16th 2015
Published: March 16th 2015
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Today we were to visit typical places, not general tourist places. We first went to the weekly market and practiced our Arabic buying the ingredients for our dinner. In three teams, we got veges, and fruits. My team was responsible for the chicken, to be purchased in a different market.
Much of the market reminded me of the Missouri flea markets.
Then we went to the fields where the women were oicking alfalfa for the animals.
After that, a boarding school for boys from outlying Berber communities. Our IAT travels help support the school. It reminded me of schools in other developing countries. We all brought books and notebooks and other school supplies.
The chicken place was very interesting. The killing is done in the halal way, cut the throat and drain the blood by dropping the birds head down in cones. Then put the bird in boiling water then into a machine that removes the feathers then to a man who cuts off the head, feet, etc.
I hope in not too gory for you.
We then went to a home hosted lunch. Our team's hosts were like the bachelor farmers. Their sisters took care of the food. Delicious bread and tanjine. The first course was vermicelliwith cinnamon and sugar. Good!
The surprise was we did dress up after lunch. Check the photos.

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16th March 2015

Loved the camels and the scenes of the desert. Your new wardrobe is stunning!
18th March 2015

Mom this sounds like a great day. The marketplace does look like one of those MO flea markets! Even with the livestock, those MO flea markets always had the barns full of animals. The "dress-up" party looks fun. It's interesting seeing the inside of the homes - so little clutter or excess possessions, so unlike American homes. There are great decorations but everything looks used and passed-down, not freshly purchased like in America.

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