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August 6th 2014
Published: August 6th 2014
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Greetings my lovely readers! This entry will be short as I haven't been feeling well. I just wanted to send a quick update that I'm alive and considerably well as I've received several emails concerning my whereabouts. About four or five days ago I met up with my travel group in Casablanca and we've been traveling all around Morocco. I got really lucky because they are all lovely people. There's the mother-daughter duo from New Zealand, the father daughter team from Australia, aunt and her niece from the Midwest, Italian woman and her Austrian boyfriend, middle-aged German woman, and then three solo travelers including myself--one guy from Italy and one from Australia. Chris, the Australian dude & I took an instant liking to one another and connected immediately over music, graphic novels, and then he blew my mind talking about Judith Butler & Michel Foucault. We've been inseparable.

Anyways, yesterday was absolutely incredible--minus the 11 hour bus ride. We finally made it to the Sahara Desert and drove through the high Atlas Mountains. It was breathtaking! We stopped for a picnic that included kafta sandwiches from the side of the road--which quite possibly was the culprit for getting us sick. We then rode camels through the Sahara Desert (like something out of National Geographics) until we reached our campsite--where we camped under the expansive night sky covered with a thick blanket of bright stars. It was absolutely beautiful for the exception of the scorpions and the sand storm that blasted us with sand in the middle of the night. This morning we woke up before sunrise, hopped on our camels and rode again through the quiet desert, stopping to watch the sun rise over the horizon. There is where the first person vomited beside her gentle camel, which smelled it and then looked away in disgust. That was the beginning of the rest of the group dropping like flies during the ride to tonight's hotel. Marco, the Italian gentleman shouted, "stop the bus!" and ran out vomiting on the side of the road. Then we stopped for water where one girl shat her pants and rummaged through her suitcase for a change of clothes. That was followed by another woman, in line for an ATM bending over and puking. I saw her puke & immediately started to feel sick. I've been glued to the toilet for the last five hours. Six people down like dominoes at this point.

Well, I'll soon be retreating back to my cave to catch up on sleep but before I do, I'm trying to figure out how to smuggle a bowl of rice into my room. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite shots thus far from Morocco! I promise I'll write back soon with more detail. I just don't have it in me right now.

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7th August 2014

): so sorry you are sick
Courtney , I am so sorry you are sick. I hope you are feeling better. Wow camel riding through the Sahara desert , does sound like a line from a book or movie I think that's awesome. But scorpions and sand storms no bueno ): pictures are beautiful as usual .
15th August 2014

Oh No!
Have been thinking so much about you this past week! I just got around to reading your blog again. Hope you're feeling better.
26th August 2014

Poor thing! Being sick is one thing but being sick while traveling is much worse.

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