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February 24th 2018
Published: February 24th 2018
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I 'm tired !

Last night we stayed in a BEDOUIN camp in the Sahara desert . Our transportation into the desert was via camel ...The ship of the desert they say . I say a rather cumbersome beast who has an I credible sway when he walks which of course causes the rider to sway as well . His breadth is WIDE , REALLY and there is no where for your legs except to let them dangle.Trying too bend my knees and lift my legs just caused them to shiver and left me feeling more insecure . Going up and down the dunes was a challenge , leaning forward and hanging on for dear life going up and leaning back going down both required my whole attention. BUT it was worth it . Our night in the desert under the stars eating an excellent BEDOUIN meal of beef tagine and a flat bread was great . The big dipper seems to hang low in the sky here and the half moon looked particularly heavy . A lovely evening finished around a fire .

This morning's ride back to the Auberge seemed a bit mo9re difficult fortunately it was shorter at 45 minutes. And the shower felt great .The Auberge Yasmine was lovely place . A desert castle really with palm trees turrets at the corners of each wall , a patio area looking west into the dunes and another green area complete with a swimming pool. Nice spot to rest and relax.

Today we have driven out of the Sahara and into the Atlas mountains . We are spending the night here in Todra Gorge , the real one I was wrong in the last blog. There is an oasis in the middle of this town that is really large .There are MANY small fields that grow a multitude of crops . Grains , alfalfa ,broadbeans , potatoes , onions ...The people work really hard and there are a multitude of little canals that carry water from the stream coming down the mountain . We walked about an hour to get from one end to the other and could probably have walked another hour . It is a large space.

Tomorrow we are travelling the road of a hundred kasbahs...The palace kind not the fortress kind .

The tour and the group have been good . Yacin , our CEO is very good . He seems to enjoy answering our questions and teaching us about his com try and culture. He has been doing this for 15 years and you can tell he enjoys it.

Enough for now . Hope all is well with you and yours . Keep in touch .


25th February 2018

sounds good
25th February 2018

The camel trick sounded like a real challenge, but worth the effort. I loved your description of the evening. A great visual!
25th February 2018

I remember not liking very much my short trip on a camel, you are thrown around like a sac of potatoes. But the desert, they are amazing, you would think they would be boring but no, the changing light and changing atmosphere is mysterious. And talking about the sky at night, I remember waking up often to go out of the tent to watch the stars. That was my Egypt experience. I see you are doing fine, discovering a new world. Be happy and keep your curiosity. Bye.

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