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Africa » Mauritius January 6th 2007

The cheapest way to get around the island if you don’t have transport like Dayflower, is by bus. They run very frequently during daytime and can also be good entertainment as they are packed with locals, go very fast and operate with 2 drivers at the same time. One on the wheel and the ticket collector waving signals out the window. The only issue is that they stop running between towns at 1800, so after this you will have to take a taxi, which is not too dear. I have not yet figured out what the system is for the painting of the buses as some are just formal and normal, while others are colourful and have fantastic names and writings on them. I think it is due to there are three different companies owning the ... read more
King of Love

Africa » Mauritius December 31st 2006

Godt Nytt År / Happy New Year First and foremost thank you all for comments on the blog! We love reading them! Hope you all had a good break during the holidays and are now ready for a new year with all the opportunities that it will bring! Some of you are expecting your first child (or just had one!), some are changing jobs, some are moving place and country altogether... Whatever you might be up to: Good Luck to all - keep us posted!! ☺ Celebration of New Years Eve in Troux Aux Biches After they have been selling fireworks in every shop for weeks we were not surprised when the fireworks went off all night, we even woke up to “bang, bang” in the morning on the 1st of Jan. Good fun and ... read more
New Years Eve Dinner
Joachim playing guitar at MUG
Our Bedroom

Africa » Mauritius December 25th 2006

In Mauritius the most popular beer is Phoenix beer which has a nice light taste which goes nicely with the warm weather here. They have license and produce Guinness locally, not bad but the original one is better. It is actually a tourist attraction to go on a tour at the brewery. Maybe we will find our way one cold rainy day.. ha ha. Oh and another nice thing about the beer here is the price, 40mur (1.39cad, £0.64) for a pint bottle at most places... as long as it is NOT a hotel! So my dear fellow Norwegians that is about 7.5nok as apposed to 60nok (320mur) for a pint! Sante!... read more

Africa » Mauritius December 25th 2006

Mostly we eat the local food but we have been trying to go for cheap English breakfast, pizza and pasta, but found that this is rarely worth it since it is more expensive and not really close to what you'd expect. Unless you have oodles of money to spend, which makes food good in any country, I would stick to the local cuisine. It is good, cheap and everywhere. The Mauritian people love their "snack" and the people making it are good at it. For 40mur (1.39cad, 7.50nrk, £0.64) you can get a tasty kebab, fried noodles with chicken, or some stir fried rise. The also sell yummy Roti for 7mur (0.24cad, 1.30nkr, £0.10) an Indian round flat thin bread with your choice of filling. This local food is typically sold from a bike, a little ... read more
Fish Stall on the side of the road

Africa » Mauritius December 23rd 2006

Finally they arrived in the post! The maroon hard cover National Parachute Certificates provided by British Parachute Association with our names in them made it down to us on this island. It looks very official and feels great to get it, now we can jump around the world! :) So Reunion here we come! La Reunion Island (note: site does not work in a Firefox browser) The dropzone also has a listing about Reunion Now maybe some of you should make it a New Year resolution to jump out of a plane? Maybe do a tandem? Let us know if you like some motivation or encouragement, for us it has been absolutely fantastic and the most thrilling thing we have ever done, can’t wait to get out of that plane again! Have a look ... read more
Parachute License NinJo

Africa » Mauritius December 23rd 2006

Hope you all will enjoy the festive season wherever you might be - I know some of you have snow, some are the height of summer and many are just in between where it is not quite a white Christmas, but not quite summer either. But in the end of the day this season is about being with family and friends and not to forget eat and drink a lot of good things! We are debating to go for Seychelles or Mauritian cuisine for Christmas evening. Good thing we had both pinnekjott and lutefisk when back in Norway this year, so we don’t feel completely left out. :) Hope to see as many of you as possible in the New Year, take care of each other and keep in touch! Greetings, Nina and Joachim ... read more

Africa » Mauritius December 19th 2006

Joachim has always wanted to spend more time playing, and he thought better to get a small handy guitar that he can easily bring along to the beach, on the dive boat, to friends and wherever he might roam. I look forward to some nice tunes Joachim :) ... read more
Joachim on the beach

Africa » Mauritius December 18th 2006

The skills and training Today we had our first real course day and that without the English speaking instructor. Pierre the French master instructor did his best to speak English and with good help from other crew task one was ok. Rescue Skills review - discover an unconscious diver at 20m, bring him safely to the surface and give rescue breaths as well as getting the diver over to the boat. This went well. Second Skill was to swim 800m with snorkel, mask and fins. Now this is pretty tough and Nina did not understand the point system and came in three seconds late to get the same score as Joachim. Important lesson was that ensure we completely understand the task - no matter what language. Second dive we practiced 5 basic skills regarding mask ... read more

Africa » Mauritius December 17th 2006

Today we went to the post office to send Christmas presents for family back home that was easier said than done…. Check this out: If you rap the parcel yourself and close it is very expensive, they wanted 1001 rupees for one of the closed parcels I wanted to send. That is about £15, 190NKR, 35CAD and 30USD. BUT if you buy a padded envelope and only close it with clips and open all the Christmas presents so that they can see the contents, they only charge 415 rupees. In addition they offer to register the parcels for an additional 30 rupees, so a total of 445 rupees instead of 1001 rupees….. Less than half the price for clipped envelope and open presents… :) So I am very sorry guys, but all your presents are ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis December 15th 2006

Almost got everything sorted now! :) We are going to rent a flat that is in Trou Aux Biches on the north west coast of Mauritius. With great help from Fatiha and Clarel at Le Capitaine we got a large flat with a spare bedroom close to the centre of Trou Aux Biches for a very good price! :D:D:D We will be moving up there on Sunday so will post some pictures once we get sorted with a connection there. AND hey guys! This is your golden chance for you to come and stay with us in Mauritius! :D ... read more

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