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Africa » Mauritius » Grand Bay October 16th 2010

Mauritius! We were only there for a short period of time, but while we were there it was a nice. It was a great opportunity to wind down from a crazy time in South Africa and from taking our midterms. The first day we got there was hectic because we weren’t really sure how to do things. We had to go to an ATM and every semester at sea student was there it seemed like. It took forever but then we finally got cash and had a game plan on what we were doing. We were going to hike up to a waterfall then jump off. SO FUN. It was about a 30 minute car ride through the town and before we knew it we were there. We took about a 10 minute hike in, then ... read more

Africa » Mauritius July 30th 2010

One attraction of the new job was the possibility of undertaking training in Mauritius, a two hour flight from Seychelles, and so it came to be. Myself and my jobshare partner were shipped off to learn the procurement and purchasing packages for the FCO and meet our fellow colleagues of the BHC in Mauritius. Mauritius is surprisingly, I think, home to a million people and has a reputation for being more built up than our fair islands. Indeed, the capital Port Louis was an hour’s drive from the airport, somewhat novel for this islander. it's bigger than it looks! Arriving at our hotel and I was disappointed that I only managed 2.5 rolls across the bed (not yet equalling the other one’s record of 3.5 at the Grosvenor in Chester) but still more than enough space ... read more

Africa » Mauritius July 20th 2010

With only a couple of days in Mauritius, there is not much that can be seen. The island is tiny though so we can get to the North of the island from the Southern airport in about an hour. We stay at Trou aux Biches in an all inclusive hotel. Unfortunately there are lots of familes as it is now school holidays but the kids go to bed earlish. The inclusive cocktails are great anyway!! We hire bikes from the hotel and take a ride around the North of the island, see a few more beaches, the large town Grand Baie and Surya Oudaya Sangam Temple. Then there is only time to laze by the pool, after 6 weeks of constant travel and chaos, and drink cocktails :)... read more
Mauritius from the air
Included dessert!
Mmmm, cocktails!

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis April 17th 2010

Right in the middle of the Indian Ocean there is a beautiful volcanic island called Mauritius. Some of these places we are calling upon are so remote you wonder how people ever got there in the first place. And once there, what do they do? This was the home of the dodo bird until it became extinct in the 1600s. For centuries Mauritius was used as a provisioning stop for ships traveling around the Cape of Good Hope. We took a bus trip across the lush island past mile after mile of sugar cane fields and beautiful rock formations caused by lava flows. We then took a ferry across to Ile-aux-Cerf, the island of deer. We did some beachcombing and swimming. This is an unusual island in that it is strictly reserved for recreational usage. There ... read more
Ile-de-Cerf Beach
Lunch Time!
Masala on the Beach

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis April 6th 2010

After two days at sea, having left the Seychelles with a whole new direction and itinerary, we spent time working out the details of a possible safari with Norm Pieters and the other six. It was a bit challenging for Norm as he was coordinating and putting everything together with his son in their Florida office via his phone, texting and email. Things were coming together but he needed to be sure we were all committed. The ship was still working on several things, so they did keep us in the loop, but in the final analysis, the eight of us all felt that Norm’s deal was definitely the best, most reasonable and easiest, as we had a charter flight from Richard’s Bay directly to the Mala Mala Camp airstrip. He felt this was one of ... read more
Jamie and Dana

Africa » Mauritius January 29th 2010

GANGA TALAO. LAKE OF THE GANGES Long before arrival at the lake the huge bronze coloured statue gives away its location. Arriving here early in the morning before the predicted buses of tour groups definitely paid off. The calm and serenity at this extinct volcanic crater was mesmorising. It is a sacred site for Hindus who come to place offerings in the lake which some believe to be linked to the Ganges by an underground stream. Surprisingly, in the lake itself there was little evidence that people come here regularly to make offerings of fruits and flowers and pray. I say 'surprisingly' as in other places we have seen the messy aftermath of such rituals. (After Prayer Debris- i.e.wilted flowers, dead leaves being swept along in the wind and old fruit bobbing up and down ... read more
Grand Bassin
Grand Bassin
Grand Bassin

Africa » Mauritius January 28th 2010

Thaippoosam Cavadee at Bel Hombre Plage It was a complete coincidence that we happened to visit Mauritius at the right time to see this event of which we had already seen images and questioned ourselves regarding the pain threshold of humans. Our Hindu host at the guesthouse in Chamarel enthusiastically informed us of the delightful events to be held at the Bel Hombre plage the day after tomorrow. She graphically described the mutilation which the people in the procession inflict upon themselves willingly several times per year before they make their way to a nearby temple. Our host also added that, although religious, she could never inflict such harm on herself and that she couldn't possibly go and watch as she is far too squeamish. It is an event which takes places all over Mauritius and ... read more
Pierced girl
Preparing offerings
Preparing offerings of fruit and milk to be placed on the Cavadee

Africa » Mauritius January 28th 2010

Ile aux Cocos Nous avons pu bénéficier d'une superbe journée pour aller découvrir l'ile aux cocos, île protégée pour la préservation de 4 espèces d'oiseaux. Nous sommes partis en bâteau de la pointe au diable à 8.30 du matin et la traversé nous a pris environ une heure ... et c'était très relaxant de voguer sur les vagues en regardant les petits iles à côté et les poissons en train de nous accompagner. Nous avons fait le voyage aves des français qui venaient de la région de cognac. La journée était sympathique = découverte de l'habitat des oiseaux tout en faisant le tour d'une très belle île avec ma belle princesse. Nous avons pu faire de belles photos tout en profitant d'un superbe pique nique organisé par le batelier qui nous a amené là bas. ... read more
On the boat to Ile aux Cocos
Mon beau mari
Ile aux Cocos

Africa » Mauritius January 26th 2010

Trou d'Argent One of the walks we did led to three beaches, one of which is called trou d'argent- a little bay with clear waters, bright sand and waves to warn you off from swimming in the waters for fear of being thrown into the rocks. As we took the wooded track which led to the beaches we stopped to ask a group of locals if we were going the right way and they warned us about the dangers of swimming in such waters.... read more
Beach to ourselves
Little bay of trou d'argent
Beach relaxation

Africa » Mauritius January 24th 2010

Giant Tortoise Reserve After taking the bus from Port Mathurin, past La Ferme to Cascade Jean Louis we made our way to the park on foot. The first sign said 400m so we followed the road along until we came across another sign which said something different. Luckily the weather wasn't too hot and sticky and we had planned in advance and taken some water with us and the view was good! We met an interesting character along the road, a Belgian who had been there for about 5 years and was setting up a guesthouse and restaurant with his brother-in-law. Our walk was definitely longer than 400m! As luck would have it we arrived at the park just as it started raining. We took advantage of the 30 minute wait to visit the interesting little ... read more
Come and have a scratch
Tortoise park
Tortoise gang

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