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Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues July 5th 2017

July 5, 2017 - I feel like these posts are becoming repetitive - new day, new island. But it was another good day. Last night we decided to go on another daytrip together, this time to Cat Island (Ile aux Chat) and La Hermitage. Aulette, the host, arranged it after dinner. The meeting point for the boat was at Graviers, where I had walked the other day. Margo, Julia and Walter left at 7:15 to take the two buses, just as I started breakfast. Julien and I had decided to walk, as it could only take an hour an a half, and the bus wouldn't be any faster. It's the same walk I did the other day, but in reverse. We made it in an hour this time, and arrived at the same time as the ... read more
My ghetto backpack.
Our sailboat
Relaxing after the walk

Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues July 4th 2017

July 4, 2017 - Another good day. I woke up somewhere in the 6 o'clock hour, unintentionally, and tried to get back to sleep. I think I was somewhat successful, and finally got up around 7:20. Breakfast started at 7am and I could hear a couple people there. Breakfast was not nearly as impressive as dinner - some white bread, lot of spreads, boiled eggs. Not bad, but not exciting. But the plans for the day made up for it. Everyone but Olivier decided to go to Ile aux Cocos - Coconut Island - today, and we were leaving at 8:45. Olivier had already been, and was leaving to start his journey home today. He has a pick-up truck, though, and offered us a lift, which was great. We drove there through Port Mathurin, the capital, ... read more
The French crew
Jean Michel
Julien catches a fish.

Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues July 3rd 2017

July 3, 2017 - My alarm was set for 5am, and I was already getting out of bed at 4:45. I hate that I can't sleep when I know I have to get up. I had some breakfast, finished packing and waited for Bernard to show up. He was only 5 minutes late. We got to the airport and I asked if we should be at a different terminal, as I had heard all flights to Rodrigues were in a different terminal. He said no, we're good. So I went in, and a guy who worked there told me to go to the left to check in and then come back to security. My airline was not to the left, so I went to the right. I found Mauritius Air, got my boarding pass from the ... read more
Madagascar fody (I think)
Graviers beach
Beach hike

Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues August 9th 2015

How can you visit the Mascarenes without stopping by to say hello to the inhabitants of Rodrigues. Although the island is technically part of Mauritius, it's a 600 kilometre flight east across the Indian Ocean before touching down at the airport. My host Jerry was there at 11:00pm to greet me, and drove me to the north of the island where his three bedroom house was on offer courtesy of AirBnb. Jerry showed me around the house, left the keys, and then headed home to his place around a kilometre away. This was the start of an unforgettable visit, as there are only a few neighbouring houses in this isolated area of the island. Jerry came to check on Tom first thing in the morning before heading off to Port Mathurin for work, and I later ... read more
Sea bird in a tree
Port Mathurin
Joe Cool and I at lunch

Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues September 17th 2013

We arrived at Rodrigues about 1pm on Saturday 14th– exactly 14 days since leaving Cocos. We averaged 5.91kts (not quite making it to 6kts) The entrance was well defined with a well marked channel and reef clearly visible all round. We had to anchor in the ‘swing area’ as there was a ship alongside the dock. We hadn’t even finished setting the anchor when the officials came in their Zodi to clear us in. All in all 4 different departments all needing forms filled in and signed, but all very nice and welcoming. We didn’t go ashore the rest of that day, but we were within shouting distance to Cocokai so chatted with them, John from Boomerang came to visit in his Zodi, Tor from Imagine came in his Zodi for a visit and then John ... read more
waterfront dining
Our view - right
our view - left

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