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May 29th 2012
Published: April 3rd 2012
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Giant Lily PadsGiant Lily PadsGiant Lily Pads

These Giant Lily pads were my favourite thing on the whole tour
Today we woke up at 10.00am so going to sleep kind of worked, I went in the cupboard to see if I could make some coffee but we didn’t have any, Carmen was still asleep so I decided to quickly walk to the deli and buy some necessities. I closed the door very quietly and power walked to the deli up the road. I bought some coffee, chocolate, red liquorice and some mi goreng.

When I got back to the room Carmen was still asleep so I put a movie on. She woke up halfway through the movie and had some mi goreng. I already ate a packet of red liquorice so I gave her the last packet. We started to make coffee and almost fell asleep doing so, but it really had no effect. We got ready and took a train to the botanical gardens right next to the border of Port Louis.

It cost 7 rupee each for entry, we had a tour guide who told us that the botanical garden was actually intended to be a private garden for the French governor only 300 years ago. One of the most popular parts in the garden is
Pretty FlowersPretty FlowersPretty Flowers

These flowers could be found almost everywhere in the botanical gardens
a spot where eight five different palm trees from all around the world grow. One of my favourite things were the giant lily pads. The garden was very neat and it all looked so beautiful, there was a very large variety of plants and many were international and had to be brought to the gardens by ship or plane.

It was very hard to leave but it was just minutes before closing time and it was starting to get dark. We stopped at a Italian restaurant and bought a takeaway pepperoni pizza. We took it to our room and ate straight away, we looked through our photos for an hour then went for a shower and then went to sleep.

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Palm tree gardensPalm tree gardens
Palm tree gardens

These Gigantic Palm Tree's are international and were brought in from all around the world.

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