Photos from Mali, Africa

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28 Orange-Headed Lizards Are Everywhere
27    Heron in Flight on Niger River
26 One of MANY Bozo Fishing Boats on Niger
23 The Kids Are Screaming "Tuu-bob"
23 Our Boat Going Down the Niger
22 Bozo Casting Net on Niger River
21 Jamie on the Boat  Winning Malian Game "151"
20 Tureg Tribesman Leading Camels in Sahara
19 In Timbuktu (with the Oregonian!)
18 Millet Beer - Flat, Warm, But Not Bad!
17 Dogon Thatched Homes and Cliff Houses
16 Gone Fishing (the river is fairly close)
15 549th Annual Mosque Remudding Extravaganza
13 Fish Sold by a Bozo!
12 Mom and Two Week-Old in Djenne Market
09 J and J in front of Djenne Mosque
08 View of Mudsville (Djenne, Mali)
07 Grande Mosque in Djenne
06 Traditional Earrings in Djenne
05 Pounding Millet in Djenne
04 Kids in our Djenne Homestay
03 Making Malian Tea
02 Drumming for Donations (Before Circumcision!)
01.5 Trip to the Market...a Long, HOT, Trip
01 Eating Lunch Mali Style (from a common pot!)
Lining Up In Single File
The Guilty Party
Cooking On The Boat
On-Board Ensuite/Hole
Saying Goodbye
River Hut
Welcoming Committee
Village Visit
River Village
Nomad Huts
The Riverboat Queen
River Company
River Village
Couscous Again!
River Village
River Company
Mud Mosque Along The River
Buying The Fish For Dinner
Niger River
Niger River
A Little More Crowded Than Us
Village Visit
Our First Tureg
Meeting The First Mates Family
Man And His Goat
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