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June 10th 2011
Published: June 10th 2011
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OUR TUAREG WEDDING...FESTIVAL AU DESERT...TIMBUKTU, MALI Guy looked like "Lawrence of Arabia in sunglasses" as he raised his camel whip...whoosh...sway of the layers of his white bou bou. Then with flourish addressed the crowd and the sand dunes dotted with Tuaregs on camels. "I give you...my one time daughter...to cherish with your life". I grasped my sword hilt to not hit anyone...stepped for... Read Full Entry

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From Here 2 Timbuktu & the Socceroos

10th June 2011

What a fantastic experience!
19th June 2011

Thank you Shane for your feedback...I thought this blog that all my Mali blogs were leading to...had disappeared into the ether & not been seen...but I am now revived...I still laugh I pulled it off...dare to dream...then to do it..!
22nd June 2011

JUST INCREADIBLE WEDDING, Amazing experience I do agree it should be a highlight of the trip, what a wedding in the middle of desert I love it. Thank you & God bless you. Ermias Footprints Ethiopia Tours.
22nd June 2011

Thanks for the memories
Hi Dave and Denise. Lovely to hear your version of the spectacular events around your re-marriage at the festival. It was a pleasure to behold in reality and you have recaptured the excitement and the thrill of it once more. Fabulous, and moving and funny. Thank you. With love, Wren X
23rd June 2011

Fantastic, super, smashing, lovely!
Wow you guys - what an amazing experience (and so funny too). Congratulations and continue to enjoy each other. Love to you both from the Jacksons - hope to see you soon! xx
28th June 2011

Hey guys, what a hoot! Can not even begin to imagine the amazing experience you both have gone( still going?) through. I'm afraid you are not the same people we've met a while ago after this. LOVE the wedding, the colours ,the dance, the people! and so relieved to see Denise being released. Much love Paty & Norman
25th July 2011

As only you two could do.
When I listened to you tell us about your wedding ceremony one bushcare morning tea my mind went to a far off place way beyond my ken... but Dave the photos are even better. Denise and Dave what a life you two lead!
10th October 2011

YEP! That WAS a hoot!
thanks for sharing your Tuareg wedding! I was in Mali in 2007; loved it; going back soon. Again, thanks, made my day.
20th December 2011

This blog is a 2011 TravelBlog favourite!
Check this out, and feel free to add some 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30521-1.html
9th January 2012

Married in more ways than 1.
This by far is my favourite photo! Lovely picture. Thanks for sharing.
9th January 2012

Yep...magic photo...magic locale...only gives a taste of how amazing Our Tuareg Wedding was...one of the best things I have done in my life...and it actually happened..!
19th January 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed
I thoroughly enjoyed your photos, I can tell you have such a quest for humanity. Also glad you liked Krakatau and Java.
20th January 2012

Mali was the wedding...Ethiopia the honeymoon...Java the after party. Watch this space..!
14th April 2012

If your 30th wedding anniversary/wedding is this fantastic. I\'m drooling with anticipation for your next anniversary. I\'m still convinced that you, not the guy in white, is Lawrence of Arabia.
14th April 2012

Our Tuareg Wedding...what a hoot...don't think we can out-do this one...the lovers...Tabala & Laila...glad you have met the happy couple.
4th May 2012

"Dreams can become reality"
So, so true! I laughed when I read the bit about the Tuareg trying to sell you something, remembering you re-enacting it at the TB party in KL :-) Warmest wishes to you both for the next 30 years of adventure!
5th May 2012

Seems like yesterday...it was an idea I watered...and like a desert flower...it bloomed and was glorious...yes...dreams can become reality...and oh so wonderful when they do.
14th May 2012

What a wonderful celebration!
What a wonderful celebration for you and Denise! So unique an experience for everyone. I should love to visit there one day .. and ride camels .. and dance in the sand : ) David, you look like you are bracing yourself for another trial when the "A ransom is required" stage occurred .. I could have been a robust discussion!! Well done and congratulations to you both. Best wishes, Michelle and Stewart. PS. Where is the next trip to be?
14th May 2012

And at Timbuktu...now you know why I disappear each Christmas...thanks Michelle & Stewart...to the couple that honeymooned in the Carribean...just click on my photo & you can access all my blogs...may inspire you for your next adventure...and may your dreams also come true..!!! Next trip...TBA.
18th December 2013

I think...
...you just elevated to the position of my hero! :-)
13th May 2014

Magic everywhere!
Magical photo, magical experience, magical life--well done!
15th January 2019

What are you going to do for your 50th?
I just came across this. This is amazing!
16th January 2019

What are you going to do for your 50th?
What a hoot, Tommy, what an adventure...no way we can top that! Still in touch with Guy & Mamayti. What to do for our 50th? Having just read this blog again with the memories flooding back I sit and wonder. Denise promises something special for our 40th sometime off. Gotta be something special...exciting...unique...never a dull moment with Denise...looking back.

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