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December 28th 2008
Published: December 28th 2008
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ya ya ya I suck at writing blogs, whatevs. Im just going to apologize now for any grammatical errors cause I dont know how to work these dang french keyboards here in mali1 But I will try my best.Sooo we (meaning hayley and i) to a nice, clean, fairly cheap place in mopti (a bigger town). There are maaany stories but i must be quick. I will tell u my 2 favs thus far. So, we went through Ghana, to reach Bobo; which is in Burkina Faso. A good fried of mine named Shika is a traditional Burkina musicia but has been living in Ghana. So we ent to visit hi here. The one night hayley end i went with shika to visit his village... his uncle/granma/aunties/brothers. It was so cool cause his uncle is a leather man... anything u can think of to make leather with, or mend things, he does it! And at the end of the day he made hayley and i necklaces... so cool. So, then we all went back to the uncles place and we went to a bunch of peoples houses (all trying to serve us full meals), the we went back to the uncles. Then... hutge jam party!! His uncle plays the african violin, and his brother and him were on the ngoni (suuuch a beautiful instrument...i have one); and then his aunt on the calebash drum... which is played with sticks. All instruments are made with materials from the earth. They all sang in their local language, we had african tea; and then some kids came and danced. I went in the middle and started to do the abwoja: which is a well known ghanaian dance. All the kids and women thought it wa so funy/they were impressed! lol Oh aaand they recorded the ja on cassette and gave it to us! Suuuuch a cool eveing.
So , second story. Just got back from Dogon Country yesterday. ITs like... this amazing, historical area... kinda desert like (dry and lots of sand) and all the buildings are made out of mud brick and or rock. Anyway just did a 4 day trek with hayley and this random guy named Raja from England (most amazing english accent evaaa). This is also where i spent my christmas. Every day we would get up, have ome kind of cheap; fried something with tea, then trek to a village, and go to one more village to stay for the night. The one villag ewe just so happened to reach it the day before the biggest masque ceremoy there, that only happens once a year. So we rearranged our plans and stayed for that... really cool. Then we did this epic trek through the sandy soil, up the big escarpment, as the sun was going down, until we reached the top! It felt so good to finally make it there! And there was this small village on the rocks where we stayed for our last night... i cant really put it into words. I also woke up early in the morning to sit on the edge of the cliff looking over dogon to watch the sun rise. Oh; BUT our guide.. if you ca neven call him that... was the biggest joke evaa! He didnt know like anything about the dogon sstar, or the dogon people... and would clearly pull shit out f his ass.... it actually provided much entertainment for us! What can ya do right?
Soo yea... thoe are my stories for now. Hayley and i will make it to bamako (capital of mali) for nea years to pqrty hardy! Oh yea, the malain music scene is amaaaaazing!
BUT who knew mali is soooo expensive! 5well... more expensive than ghana for suure.
Anywhoodle i mised everyone on christmas sooo much... it was the first time i was reeally homesick. But i cant take for granted where i am... and i wouldnt give in these expzeriences for anything. I miss everyone, ill be back in ghana january 5th.
Love Roo/Redge


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