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Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara March 25th 2011

IMAGES OF MALI...ROCK ON ROCK IN DOGON COUNTRY The top of the falaise was rock, rock and more rock, appeared to be ironstone on sandstone...& we went up and down, by, and along until we rocked into Konsogou-Ley for a cup of tea, and "Welcome, welcome, you are very welcome" from our host as he played his own composition on his dogon guitar...and of course we danced...and hugged as we left...a very special time...and a highlight of the trek. Further rock hopping, climbing, winding, up, down and around...until we arrived at Dourou...a village split in half by a massive crack in the rock...and that is what there was...rock, rock and more rock...1,000 people living a severe landscape... The accomodation was not condusive to pleasant sleeping...all inside, windowless and no free we mixed with ... read more

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara March 22nd 2011

IMAGES OF MALI...ROCKIN' ON IN DOGON COUNTRY We trek north out of Ennde along the base of the tombed cliff. It is as if the Tellem or Dogon god cut this massive rock step 200 km long and...we are trekking on the flat base and the cliff is the step we must climb. Today we climb the I do not know. Yabatalou for lunch...that chicken that just ran past is smiling at you from your plate...massage and siesta...and the odd first aid. A big dance session with the locals...and reggae danced out of there... Then boys grab our packs and we say "au revoir" to Edward our bullock driver. We scale the falaise...through small villages & oases as we go...and to the the buildings of rock and mud that is the rock platform village ... read more

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara March 15th 2011

IMAGES OF MALI...DANCING IN DOGON COUNTRY...ENNDE We can hear the drumming as we approach Ennde, a more substantial village at the foot of the cliff...4,000 cfa each OK..."here come and sit here" as we are led to the very front row...and an hour of flashing feathers, rustling raffia, pulsating dancing, masks, stilts, athletic bodies... with a cricket bat rock monolith as backdrop...a photograher's paradise known as the festival of the Danses des Masques... Our own mud campement tonight...showers...heaven for the girls...G & T's with our guides and members of the festival does not get better than this! Buying mud cloth, masks & Dogon jewellery...always room for add to my Dogon walking stick that I am determined to get back to Oz... Yabatalou for lunch, massage and siesta...and the odd first aid...a big dance session ... read more

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara March 12th 2011

IMAGES OF MALI...ROCK & ROLLING IN DOGON COUNTRY ...DJIGUIBOMBO, KANI KOMBOLE & TELI Rated 4th Best Trek in the World by Lonely Planet on TV before we left...expectations were high...and delivered. We had four days & nights of clear weather in early January...four days treking...four days stopping at a village for a dance or a cup of tea...another for lunch with siesta...then another for dinner...for sleeping on mud rooves...or inside if you dare... ...and four nights of partying with locals & other travellers. Starting at Bandiagara, the local capital, we hit the red dirt and rock along a dusty road to Djiguibombo, a rock upon rock ancient village on that massive rock ledge on the top of the escarpment or falaise... Then down the cliffs on a well worn but precipitous path... as laden women ... read more

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara February 22nd 2011

Date: 30/1/2010 Evening: Begnimato We had agreed between us that we would like to start walking early in the morning and get to the lunch stop before it got too hot each day and then start again about 3pm each afternoon. So, today we started early and walked about 5km (in sand mostly) along the plain following the escarpment. Before leaving Ende, we had a long walk around the village as this was the village most famous for the mud painting - we watched several artists work on specific pieces. We also saw the women processing indigo dyed blankets and scarfs and one of our group was fortunate enough to purchase a copy of one of the masks worn during the dancing was a really good find as only one man in the village makes ... read more
we continue our walk up the gorge
Vegetable garden within the gorge we walked through.
Well tendered fresh vegies....

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara February 22nd 2011

Date: 31/12/2010 We started off this morning with singing Happy Birthday to Sam (who is not really a morning person) but she took it all in good spirit. We walked a longer distance today - mainly across the top of the rocky escarpment - arriving at our destination of Douruo by 12.30pm. After another lunch of pasta and finding that we were the only ones staying in this village for the night - New Year's Eve - we decided to move on. For several days we had been trying to get together on New Year's Eve and make a bit of a party of it with our fellow travellers - so we were very disappointed to find just our group in this village. Our guide arranged for a vehicle to come in and pick us up ... read more
Two boys using a typical dyed blanket
More Dogon artifacts.
Going up?  or going down?

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara February 17th 2011

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in blogs but have been out of e-mail contact for last 3 weeks. In the last week of our travels in Ethiopia - lots to tell you all about but that will have to wait until we finish off Mali. Hope you are all well and safe. Regards, Roslyn. Date: 29/12/2010 Lunch: Teli.....Evening: Ende This morning we walked 4km from Kani Kombole to Teli - a reasonable sized village with Tellem dwellings. There is a well preserved Tellem village along the escarpment which is abandoned today but sometimes used for storage in the graneries and for burial sites. The Tellem people eventually moved out of the escarpment village and down onto the plain, however, it was a great experience to climb around this village and learn about the lifestyle - ... read more
Just keeping an eye on my bags...
Very easy on the eye while walking in the Dogon.

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara December 27th 2010

That afternoon we headed on our way to Bandiagara, where we would have a night before our Dogon trek started. At the ferry crossing (again pretty quick!) we managed to buy some water bottle carriers made from mud cloth. We didn’t really want them, but the guy kept following us and Ryan kept chucking out really low figures off-handedly and he actually finally agreed! Off we went to Bandiagara, to stay at the Auberge Kansaye owned by a friendly rasta guy. Usually at this time of the year, you need to book months in advance to get accommodation easily...... proof of the scare tactics by the Foreign offices is that we were the only people staying at the Auberge. Again, roof camping was the order of the day which we quite enjoyed. The afternoon was spent ... read more
One of the best sunsets we've ever seen - our photos dont do it justice
Awesome stuff...
Pretty cool statues

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara March 14th 2010

The next afternoon we started the Dogon trail- the main reason for my booking the trip after reading about it in a magazine, and I was not disappointed. Dogon country is pretty much wide open space occupied by tiny little villages that still follow a very traditional way of life, they vary between being Muslim, Christian etc, but there's no animosity between any religious groups. The start of the walk was probably the most comfortable and most attractive, we only started at 3pm so it wasn't so hot, we began by clambering down a steep and beautiful red rock gorge down to the valley below, with awesome views down to the village we stayed at that night where we witnessed, and as always, took part in our first dance ceremony before climbing up to our rooftop ... read more
Al & the group, admiring the Dogon plains
Dance snakes
Dogon Views

Africa » Mali » Dogon Country » Bandiagara May 1st 2009

Our mission for Saturday was to merely make it back to Mopti…judging from past experiences, that was all we could feasibly accomplish… and plan our next move from there. Earlier that week we had gotten the phone number of a reputable Dogon Country guide from the Peace Corp volunteers we had met on the bus to Ouagadougou. While we were still in Mopti, waiting to get to Timbuktu, I had called him to schedule a meeting time and place. Thus our plan was to get back to Mopti, and then find transport to Bandiagara, the location he had chosen to meet at on Sunday. But as I’ve learned from my previous adventures plans here in West Africa, seldom turn out the way you intend…however, this time, the change in plans worked nicely in our favor! With ... read more
Hotel Via-Via
Hotel Le Kambray

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