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Africa » Mali » Centre » Ségou March 4th 2011

IMAGES OF MALI...SEGOU Festival du Niger is held here each, puppetry, stilt dancing...Malian culture on show ...maybe next time. After Christmas lunch of roast goat and watermelon in a field under a tree, we (seven of us) arrived in Segou. Our hotel was next to the river, with rooms named Mopti, Kidal...and Tombouctou... We are on our way. As beautiful as the Ngoni lilts on Bassekou Kouyate's CD "SEGU BLUE", ...and his mesmerising performance with his band Ngoni Ba at the Festival au Desert in Timbuktu, Segou the river town on the Niger was an idyllic outpost for Christmas Day & Boxing Day 2010. Welcome to Segou...and Regards, Dancing Dave (who danced through Segou on his way to Timbuktu)... read more

Africa » Mali » Centre » Ségou March 13th 2010

So its been a while since we last wrote and we have done a lot! Right so we travelled out of Ghana but not before each getting to sit on a crocodile which was extremely bizarre! We also got to feed monkeys biscuits which was a highlight! they actually came out of the trees and snatched the biscuit out of your hand and sat there and ate it..... surreal! We then crossed into Burkina Faso and stayed in Ouagadougou (a joy to pronounce!) where we got to check out the night life of the area..... and spent a lazy day washing clothes! We've also crossed into Mali where one of our tour guides was replaced with another (the initial tour guide caught malaria and we had a stand in..... but Darren the fellow who had Malaria ... read more

Africa » Mali » Centre » Ségou November 27th 2008

Well Thanksgiving is already upon us, and I can barely believe it. I would just as soon forget that it is, but Nora keeps reminding me that it’s her favorite holiday (it took me a while, but I got the hint that I can’t let this day go unobserved). Even knowing the month (and keeping track of that has been surprisingly difficult in this backwater that is Niono) is hardly a marker for the passage of time as one day looks remarkably like another. We don’t have big plans for today, and what plans we do have Nora’s made for us. Apparently I’m to make macaroni and cheese, yam casserole, and a salad. Nora’s going to pick up some roasted lamb in the market, and we’re to have a feast with Amelie, Keba, and Hame. Aside ... read more
Nora with Hame
Me with Hame
Sunset in Niono

Africa » Mali » Centre » Ségou November 17th 2008

Today is our sixth day in Niono, and, I must say, it has grown on me. Last Tuesday, Nora and I woke up at 5:30 in order to be ready to leave by 6am, but that didn’t happen. We probably should have expected that given all of the delays that we had experienced leading up to that day. When the Save The Children SUV finally pulled up to our house at 7:15, it was a relief that the much talked about trip was finally happening. Getting out of Bamako proved to be the tedious part. We navigated through morning traffic for what seemed like an hour before we finally hit the open road. And when I say/write “open road,” I mean it. Even though the way to Niono first leads to Segou, a relatively large city ... read more

Africa » Mali » Centre » Ségou August 9th 2008

la brusse is how you call in african french to all those towns away from the city which you usually see in tv and look like taken out of the highetr neolithic period. well, in segou I rented a bike and biked to a town nearby, called segkouro or something lmike that which was the old capital of the region of segou. it was beautiful, rural, there was a wedding that was on its fifth day, its suppoused to last a week, and there I was invited to sit, drink water, and then tea, in the usual order. then a griot came to play softsongs in th shade, and although I was a bit down cause of lariam it all worked fine. for lunch I had to, a sort of bread made of "mijo" in spanish, ... read more
girls sourprised

Africa » Mali » Centre » Ségou August 6th 2008

first off, let me tell you that my eye hasnt healed yet. if you know me you will know how I love to complain, so I needed to say it. whenever the eye gets better some windy day of dirty transport fucks it up again. anyway, I pretty much have gotten used to looking like a pirate and not having stereoscopic vision, furthermore, when I open both eyes I kinda have vertigos. so much for the depth; never liked that 3rd dimension. now segou, it is a lovely little city by the niger river, one of whose main chatrms is still keeping some town look as opposed to the busy and guides-filled mopti. still, theres not much to do in a little town more than enjoying the bel far niente, and so to days passed in ... read more
traditional malian architecture
art gallery

Africa » Mali » Centre » Ségou June 25th 2007

Tamba-Segou Tom Griffith According to the United Nations, Mali is the third poorest country in the world. Now, I'm not sure how they come up with these rankings (it tells you here), but as someone from the third richest country, it sure feels poor to me. So how do Malians manage to be so open and friendly? I don't know. And why did the guy in the shop I just popped into, offer me some of his lunch? Again, I don't know. But Malians do have a reputation for being nice folks, and so far I haven't been disappointed - apart, perhaps, from the super-pushy touts and hassle-mongers of Segou. But more on them later. Mali's poverty stems from a variety of complex causes, but basically it comes down to two: colonialism and the envi ... read more
Bamako mural
Niger pirogue
Bamako street

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