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Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe October 1st 2012

8th September to 29th September It is my first Aid Camp International trip, and it won't be my last. This is Aid Camp's first time in Malawi too, and they are working with the Landirani Trust (a local Non Governmental Organisation supporting orphans) to build a Community Building Chidren's Centre (CBCC) about 30 km from Lilongwe. The Centre has been built using a newly recognised method of construction, 'rammed earth' which is actually a traditional method. Brick-made buildings have been used for a while, but brickmaking uses a lot of wood for firing the bricks and deforestation is becoming a problem. Brick-built houses use only one thickness of brick, which is not very stable, and does not keep out the cold or the heat. 'Rammed earth' is done by ramming earth of a certain damp consistency ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Central October 1st 2012

Whilst English is taught in schools in Malawi and widely spoken, I am keep tolearn some of the language during my time here and the people and keen and patient teacher which they need to be with me!!! What is it about age that makes retaining information that much harder. Whilst everyone is keen to teach me some words my main teachers have been Reuben and Ester, Vasco and Mada's two children. So after being told the words in Chechewa we write themshown and I practice with them - usually to much amusement. At the end of my first week I have learnt the basic greetings of hello, how are you which everyone greets with in Malawi - Moni muli bwanja and the response - ndiro bwino kaya inu - fine and you. Also thank you ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Central September 30th 2012

It is hard to believe that I am almost at the end of my first week - I have done so much and the time has flown by. On Thursday I travelled with Vasco and Rev Jeleky Kachipanda to the site where the Bible was first translated into Chechewa in 1923. Christian faith and following the teaching of the Bible is very strong here and many pilgrimage to this site. There were three young women (20/21) there at the time, they had walked three days carrying all that they needed and were staying for three nights to pray. I felt very privileged to have visited on only me second day in the country and be taken by car. On the journey, as we headed out of the buzz of Lilongwe City into the countryside, small villages, ... read more

Africa » Malawi September 27th 2012

Arrived yesterday morning at Lilongwe to be very warmly welcomed at the airport by Jonny and Salome from M'buka Church. First impressions on arrival (besides the blue sky, sunshine and heat - a little different to Buchan in September) was the amazingly vibrant colours, purples, oranges and reds from the Jacaranda trees and flowers that I don't yet know the name of (perhaps I can try to grow some next summer). Then the journey to M'buka Manse where I am staying with the Pastor, Vasco Kachipappa and his lovely family in my first week here. Along the road life in Lilongwe is very much played out the sides of the roads being alive with people going about their business, many carrying heavy loads and with just about anything and everything for sale. From leaving the airpost ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe September 14th 2012

Lilongwe, Malawi, 15 August We arrived at the Mabuya Camp at 5.00pm which was well appointed with pool (too cold today), bar, WiFi, plenty of showers and toilets and shade trees. The camp was 5 minutes out of Lilongwe city CBD. In the city we went to the ATM which ‘ate’ Tom’s card. Fortunately the bank was opened so we could retrieve it. We stocked up on snacks and drinks. We went to 4 shops and all the shelves where wine was, were empty. We didn’t find out what has happened. We have, however, read in the newspapers that there is a real shortage of Kwacha notes, the local money so banks are offering 36% interest for investers and charge 40% interest for loans. Some economists are saying that businesses are suffering badly and the whole ... read more
Mabuya Camp Lilongwe (7)
Mabuya Camp Lilongwe (8)
On the way to Lilongwe (12)

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Chitimba Beach September 12th 2012

Lake Malawi, Malawi – 12 – 14 August 2012 We left the Farm camp by 6.00am to drive south. We drove through a lot of villages stopping for diesel, at one stop, toilets for another and food for another before reaching the Tanzanian-Malawi border at 2.00pm. We apparently experienced the fastest border crossing – 45 minutes. It usually takes up to 4 hours. We all cheered when we heard that. AS were then in Malawi, we turned our clocks back 1 hour. They are on the +2 GMT, now 8 hours behind Brisbane and 6 hours behind Perth. WE arrived at the Chitimba Resort which was right on the banks of Lake Malawi. Although in Africa there is very little concrete paving etc, this accommodation site which was the standard dirt, was all swept and the ... read more
Boabab Valley (3)
Boabab Valley (21)
Boabab Valley (27)

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Chitimba Beach September 6th 2012

Thursday September 6 All day we chased the sun. Leaving at 06:30 we chased it high into the sky and then all afternoon until it set around 18:00. It's funny how much quicker it seems to rise at dawn and fall as it sets and if you're not ready with the camera, it's a whole 24 hours until your next chance... ---------- Monday September 10 We spent three nights at Kande Beach on the shores of Lake Malawi, followed by two more nights further north at Chitimba. While four worked their butts off in an effort to complete the PADI certification (they stayed at Kande one extra day so as not to spend their stay in Zanzibar doing it there), the rest of us perfected the art of relaxing. Okay so four went out to the ... read more
Rubber tree plantation
Carving out an elephant
How my elephant looked to begin with

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach August 19th 2012

It was nice to get a sleep in this morning, we didn’t get up until 8!!! We went for a walk on the beach, played cards with some of the group and then ate lunch before heading off to go horseriding. We had booked to do a two hour trek in the forest and the beach. It being Chris’ second time horseriding he told the people that he had never been to ensure he got a horse suitable for novices. Chris was given Pavorotti and I was given Emma. Unfortunately the horseriding didn’t go as well as expected. In the first half hour of horseriding, we were given the opportunity to go for a trot. Chris was right behind me and said he was happy to try trotting. Whilst trotting, his horse bit my horse causing ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach August 18th 2012

We had the opportunity for a sleep in before brunch at 10.30. Chris and I still got up around 8am and spent some time reading – surprisingly Chris has taken quite an interest in books!!! We had brunch then everyone jumped in the truck to head to Kande, another area around Lake Malawi. We drove for two hours before stopping at a town to get some supplies and use the internet, Chris was keen to get on to find out all he could about the new Man United signing. We also bought some supplies in the local shops then jumped back on the truck to head to Kande Beach. We got there in the late afternoon and organised to go horse riding the next day. On the way to the horse riding office I hurt my ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Chitimba Beach August 17th 2012

Today we had a relaxing day around lake Malawi in Chitimba. We spent some time reading in the hammocks, walking down by the beach area, and then we went with some of the group over to the neighbouring campsite which had a large bar area. Lake Malawi is very interesting to see as it is so big you can’t see the end of it, also it has sand around it so you think it is actually the ocean. When we went over to the other campsite it didn’t take long for Chris and I to hear the familiar sounds of home. We heard some people with the Northern Irish accent. Chris took the opportunity to go and speak to them and found out that it was an elderly couple over to visit their son and daughter-in-law ... read more

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