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Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre January 21st 2013

This was my second time on safari in South Luangwa but a completely new experience for Mum and Gabbie. At the camp we stayed at we saw crocodiles, hippos, mongoose, squirrels, monkeys, baboons and monitor lizards. In the actual park, we saw giraffes, elephants, hippos, baboons, monkeys, buffalo, genets, servals, lions, porcupine, zebras, many types of antelope and many types of birds. We had a wonderful and very funny guide called Billy, who was actually from Malawi. He asked us on our first drive if there was anything in particular we wanted to see. I said that last time I was here I saw everything except a zebra, so I'd like to see a zebra. And then, we saw hundreds of zebra. Around almost every corner was a zebra! After a while we just started to ... read more
South Luangwa
South Luangwa
South Luangwa

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe January 11th 2013

After a year, I'm back in Malawi! And I'm very happy to be here. It has been wonderful to catch up with everyone here in Malawi, after not seeing them for a year. And it feels nice to be back in this environment, where there is so much going on, so much to see, listen to, people to talk to... Mum and I arrived in Zambia two weeks ago now and stayed in Lusaka for our first couple of days. We spent an afternoon with my friend Liz and her family, who I stayed with when I visited Lusaka last year. It was great to see them all again! However, while we were there, it rained really heavily for about 4 hours, so when we finally left to go home, the ground outside had become a ... read more
With Liz and her family
My baby

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe January 1st 2013

We loved the plants and animals in our garden...... read more
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Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi December 21st 2012

Zanzibar has been incredible. The people were very sweet and welcoming. We ended up staying for 4 nights in the north of the island and then returned to the south of the island to Stone Town for our final night. The night before returning to Stone Town we ventured to a local bar that our scuba instructors recommended. It was called Macks Bar. It was by far one of the coolest little hang outs I've been to. It was very small but had an upper level and was made completely of wood. It felt like a tree house. Here we had drinks with our new friends and the locals and were able to hear Dylan sing and showcase his talent with a guitar and the local band. It was a seriously fun night. However I highly ... read more
Statues representing the slave trade in Stone Town
Cells thats slave were kept in in Stone Town
Walking the streets of Stone Town

Africa » Malawi » Central » Kasungu December 8th 2012

So yesterday was my last day and I was woken with a call at around 6.30am to tell me that the taxi driver had managed to find fuel and did I want to go to the airport via taxi. In an instant I said yes! It was the right decision - when I stepped out of the hotel there was a huge queue of traffic. Word had got out there was petrol in the pumps! People were literally pushing their cars along in the queue! My last day at work - no electricity all morning again - surrrrrprise! I spent the first hour doing a week-end (rather than month end) with Blessings and thankfully we got a cash reconcilation to balance for the first time! WUP WUP WUP!!!! Attention to detail has paid 'Kwatchaaaaaaaaaaa' (their currency) ... read more
My gift
Lake Malawi

Africa » Malawi » Central » Kasungu December 6th 2012

Every time I finish a blog entry I think I’ll not have much to write about next time, and then life happens in Malawi! So what happens to a thief in Kasungu? I accompanied Charles on his way to obtain a second signature on a cash withdraw slip, as I needed to go to the bank too to withdraw yet more cash to pay for my accommodation. As we left the office I could hear lots of children singing very loudly. I asked Charles where it was coming from and why it was so loud. He said 'they are singing feef, feef' so I thought it must be some kind of celebration. As we turned the corner there were around a hundred or more school children on the side of the road and we were heading ... read more
The market
Another part of the market
The primary school

Africa » Malawi » Central » Kasungu December 2nd 2012

I’m a celebrity, please keep me in here…. is a eco wilderness lodge deep inside Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve so a good 45 minutes (maybe even an hour) of the journey was literally through the middle of the bush in a 4 wheel drive. The ride was very exciting and I saw water buck and baboons on the way in which was a wonderful taster of bush life. This reserve is one of the country’s largest conservation areas so it’s not commercialised. It’s vast at 1800km2 and the terrain is rugged spanning altitudes of 500m to 1638m so seeing wildlife here is a privilege and not guaranteed! After being jiggled around all over the place and beginning to feel a little queasy I was relieved to be greeted by the management and team with a cold ... read more
My room
My bed
Shai and Emanuel

Africa » Malawi » Central » Kasungu November 29th 2012

I feel full of beans this week!!! It was clearly heat exhaustion that I suffered last week and thankfully I’ve made a full and rapid recovery! I’m settled into a nice little routine and I am extremely comfortable here in Kasungu, Malawi. FRIENDLY, POLITE AND EXTREMELY KIND is how I would describe Malawians. I know I’ve said it before but it’s such a pleasure to meet and exchange greetings with people who are genuinely interested in you. I can spend a whole day in the UK passing people, even in my own working environment and not even exchange eye contact! We even email each other when we’re in the same room! What’s all that about? A smile costs nothing and it makes you feel great. It's certainly not money that makes the people of Malawi happy. ... read more
The main road other direction!
More traffic

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre November 27th 2012

It was a mission trip for my church that brought me to this beautiful country. I had hardly heard of Malawi before, didn't know the language Chichewa even existed. When our Air France jet liner landed in Johannesburg, the airport was so westernized I didn't consider Malawi could be any different. The moment I started to get nervous was when we boarded the tiny prop engine air plane and traveled two hours north east bumping and listing. I could literally hear the wind and my seat did not seem bolted down; my seat belt wouldn't fasten! Regardless of our journey into the country, I was more than impressed. Everyone at the airport was very friendly. I was hesitant to let anyone take my bag for fear of having to tip ten people; but they asked for ... read more
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Africa » Malawi » Central » Kasungu November 25th 2012

SMILE: I've had a much needed rest this weekend! I was clearly suffering heat exhaustion and now I've started to eat again thank fully. I reckon I've lost at least half a stone as my trousers are just hanging in there! CRY: the hotel contact me to tell me I can't stay after Thursday as the hotel is fully booked. They didn't tell me this when I checked in and told them which dates I wanted. So back to square one. Rather than focussing just on work tomorrow, yet again I have to go hotel hunting. Plus I have to withdraw my daily allowance from the bank machine to pay for this hotel before they chuck me out. I PRAY the machines are working! I'm going to remain positive though. This weekend I've spent typing up ... read more
My bathroom

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