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Africa » Malawi » Southern » Cape Maclear May 3rd 2015

Dag iedereen, Wij zijn uiteraard altijd op zoek naar de meest afgelegen bestemmingen, maar wij hadden nooit verwacht dat Malawi zoooooo afgesloten was ! Op vele plaatsen gewoon geen elektriciteit en internetverbindingen zijn ook maar sporadisch voorhanden. Wij zullen ons uiterste best doen om wat foto's op de blog te krijgen. Plannetje hierboven geeft slechts een ruw idee van onze trip. (Gecorrigeerd 16/05/2015) Voor meer verhalen zullen jullie even langer geduld moeten hebben :) If you want to understand how it works overhere, you will have to stop thinking like an European... It took me 10 years! (Patrick) Vrijdag 24 april 2015 : Vertrek Zaterdag 25 april 2015 : Aankomst in Lilongwe Patrick, onze begeleider, komt ons in de luchthaven oppikken. “It doe... read more

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre June 1st 2014

Africa Unite! Newz ‘Positive Vibrations for the African Nations! Volume 1. No 1.May 2014 Editors Note: This is our first edition of” Africa Unite News” and we have many positive, constructive and informative news articles and stories, poems and artworks-and good info on what’s happening in our country of South Africa – as well as in the rest of Africa- as a movement for African Unity we are not only a political entity; but an informational entity… and there are so many stories waiting to be told… This is the goal of this free E-newzine. To show that Africa is Alive! In this our first edition for May 2014, we will have the story of a volunteer and her first impressions of her life as a school teacher in... read more
Reflections on Lions Head
Miss P at Cape Point

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Mount Mulanje April 30th 2014

This is really long again! I would recommend a pot of tea and a packet of biscuits..... Jessica, Laci and I went to Mount Mulanje over the easter weekend. This is our story: Part one: The unexpected Journey. It was Thursday afternoon when I had finished packing for our wonderful weekend ahead, Laci came at around 2:30 in her big car, she had brought lots of things like coffee, pumpkins and food for camping, she had filled up the car with anything we could possibly need, (I think she took one of the Peace Corps's sayings quite literally on this occasion.) We all jumped into the car in high spirits and left on our hopefully 4 hour journey to Blantyre. Where the only cinema in the whole of Malawi is and according to Laci the most ... read more
Lodge in Blantyre
Room in Blantyre
Random Piano outside

Africa » Malawi » Southern June 24th 2013

It's hard to imagine, but this week actually marks the final days of my time in Malawi. The past nine months have been filled with some of the most memorable experiences of my life. Many, particularly the challenges I faced at work, will no doubt continue to inspire me for years to come. Others, such as Arthur's funeral a few weeks ago, will likely serve as a painful reminder of the hardships that so many people on this planet still face. Despite my admittedly bittersweet feelings about leaving Malawi, I have no doubt that I will look back on this period as one of immense personal and professional growth. Personally, this experience has provided me with a new 'home' and a community of friends that has shown me how easy it is to appreciate the little ... read more
Final weekend getaway...
Marie's Crisis :)

Africa » Malawi » Southern May 31st 2013

After my last entry, I feel encouraged to write a bit of a lighter post. While life in Malawi is admittedly taxing, there are definitely a number of fun and adventurous things to do here as well! Alas, when I first arrived in Malawi about eight months ago, I would often see boys and young men trying to sell something on a stick to motorists passing by. At first I thought it was some sort of dried fruit...then I thought it was an upside-down chicken. It was not until I asked one of my Malawian colleagues that I discovered that it was actually mice-on-a-stick, a very popular 'snack' food in the southern region of Malawi. After learning about this Malawian culinary tradition, I became intrigued as to how it began. As it turns out, mice-on-a-stick has ... read more
Mouse vendor

Africa » Malawi » Southern May 19th 2013

Last week marked probably the lowest part of my time thus far in Malawi. While on a weekend vacation to Blantyre for some iced coffee and pizza, I got a phone call from one of my supervisors informing me that my co-worker, Arthur Chidote, had passed away unexpectedly due to an HIV-related infection. As someone who had never lost a good friend before, the news came as quite a shock. While I had not seen Arthur in a few weeks, he and I were pretty close when I first arrived (he was actually the person who trained me back in September, as he had the same job that I have, but in a different hospital). He and I had also bonded over the fact that we were both the same age (28), and enjoyed occasional jaunts ... read more
Funeral Ceremony
Procession to Cemetery

Africa » Malawi » Southern March 18th 2013

Alas, after a very relaxing and much-needed break back in San Francisco, I have returned to Malawi to begin the second half of my post with Partners In Health. My time in SF was mostly spent finishing the last quarter of my Global Health program, which actually provided me with the perfect opportunity to dig deeper into some of the issues that I faced during my first four months here. For my "Communicable Diseases" class, for instance, I focused on the interaction between HIV and PCP (pneumocystis pneumonia) - a common co-infection in HIV+ children; and, in my "Social and Economic Determinants of Health" course, I analyzed the effectiveness of PIH's "POSER" program, which provides economic support to some of the hospital's most at-risk patients. While I had some mixed feelings about returning to Malawi for ... read more
GHC Fellow Jeff...
Interior of Lisungwi hospital

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre January 21st 2013

This was my second time on safari in South Luangwa but a completely new experience for Mum and Gabbie. At the camp we stayed at we saw crocodiles, hippos, mongoose, squirrels, monkeys, baboons and monitor lizards. In the actual park, we saw giraffes, elephants, hippos, baboons, monkeys, buffalo, genets, servals, lions, porcupine, zebras, many types of antelope and many types of birds. We had a wonderful and very funny guide called Billy, who was actually from Malawi. He asked us on our first drive if there was anything in particular we wanted to see. I said that last time I was here I saw everything except a zebra, so I'd like to see a zebra. And then, we saw hundreds of zebra. Around almost every corner was a zebra! After a while we just started to ... read more
South Luangwa
South Luangwa
South Luangwa

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre November 27th 2012

It was a mission trip for my church that brought me to this beautiful country. I had hardly heard of Malawi before, didn't know the language Chichewa even existed. When our Air France jet liner landed in Johannesburg, the airport was so westernized I didn't consider Malawi could be any different. The moment I started to get nervous was when we boarded the tiny prop engine air plane and traveled two hours north east bumping and listing. I could literally hear the wind and my seat did not seem bolted down; my seat belt wouldn't fasten! Regardless of our journey into the country, I was more than impressed. Everyone at the airport was very friendly. I was hesitant to let anyone take my bag for fear of having to tip ten people; but they asked for ... read more
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Africa » Malawi » Southern November 14th 2012

Following the "flash mob" craze of 2009/2010, I always secretly dreamed of being part of a flash mob myself. There was one flash mob in particular that inspired me the most, which was organized by a volunteer in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake: This past week, I was finally able to accomplish this life-goal, thanks to the help of a few other PIH volunteers/staff members and a whole hoard of Malawian children. With World AIDS Day only a few weeks away, a group of fellow PIH-ers and I decided to create a flash mob here in Neno as a 'challenge' to other global health groups working around the world. The song, we decided, would be Taio Cruz's "Dynamite." After a few days of choreographing and practicing, we finally decided to institute our flash mob during ... read more
Dance-off 'challenge' sign
...more dancing :)

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