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March 30th 2010
Published: March 30th 2010
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Continuing with my weekend tours of Malawi, I decided to go to the Sun ‘n’ Sand resort between Monkey Bay and Mangochi (yes I do realize that my trips so far have been to places I’ve already gone). I decided to go mostly because come last Friday I still wasn’t sure where I wanted to visit, so an ad in the paper and the fact I knew where the buses left from convinced me I should take a trip to the lake.
So after wasting an hour and a half of my Saturday morning sitting on a bus in Limbe station, it finally filled and we could set off. In case you don’t know the journey from Blantyre to Mangochi probably takes 4 hours if your driving yourself. In a bus, because of stops, refilling and sitting in bus stations it takes a lot longer, however in my head it was about an hour the other side of Zomba (HA!), so as the hours wore on, in my cramped seat, with my arm and face slowly burning from the sun through the window, I became increasingly annoyed, but since there was nothing much I could do but sit and wait to arrive, I listened to my music, read my book and watched the various people getting on and off the bus (no matter how much I wanted to yell at the driver to get a move on). My stop was by the side of the seemingly endless and deserted road to monkey bay, with the only indication of the resort a billboard pointing down a road through a village, grabbing my bag I set off until I came to the gates (wasn’t actually as far as I first though) I booked in, went to my room (right across from the pool) and jumped onto the bed.
Because I’d arrived so late, it was already 5pm by the time I arrived, most of the activities Sun ‘n’ Sand offered had finished for the day, the camel and donkey riding, the water sports etc. so after a quick shower (I was pretty grotty after the bus ride) I went over to the Olympic sized pool swam for a bit, then chilled at the edge. I paid to use the Jacuzzi (K300) it was burning hot, and even after they added more cold water for me, I have to admit I was still a bit of a girl and couldn’t stand it for long. The whole resort is right by the beach and the lake, so after my swim I wandered over and sat on the benches to watch the sunset. As I was sat there I noticed a lightning storm over the mountains on the other side of the lake. I’m guessing because of the sunset, every time there was a flash of lightning, it was this deep orange colour that was amazing. Getting changed out of my swimming gear, I made my way to the restaurant where I enjoyed a very nice mushroom steak, then a couple of drinks and an ice-cream before retiring for the night.
The next day I got up early, I’d asked about canoeing the previous day and was told it opened at 7am. When I eventually found the guy in charge, he gave me an open canoe that you just sat on, these are a bugger to balance, every time I went over even a small wave it rocked dangerously, and before long the inevitable happened I fell in and it flipped. Now this would have been fine, I’m a fairly strong swimmer, I wasn’t that far out, so I just flipped it over and got back on…except earlier on I’d decided that it might be nice to try and get some photos out on the lake so I’d stuck my phone in my pocket…the same pocket that was now underwater. So after running back to my room, taking the phone apart and leaving it in the sun, I went back to the beach to get a more steady canoe and have another try. The second time was great, didn’t fall in once and spend an hour or so rowing up and down the beach. I had a great (if a little expensive) buffet breakfast, before packing my stuff and checking out. I’d asked if I could just catch a minibus from the main road, so I started to walk towards Mangochi. I quickly remembered how deserted the road had appeared the day before, the first minibus that came along just drove past me and the second was packed, so at the first village I came to, I bought a drink of water and hopped onto a pick-up going towards Mangochi, which was, well, frankly windy, but I still prefer them to minibuses.
At Mangochi I jumped a bus back to Blantyre and another hot and uncomfortable journey I arrived back. I had a good weekend, despite not doing much. I think that Sun ‘n’ Sand might be best for people who have a few days to spend and are with a couple of people.



30th March 2010

Sun 'n'Sand
Can we go canoeing PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEE, I'm so excited now, Love Mum xxx
31st March 2010

How brave!
Hiya Joe, how brave are you, not just travelling to these places on the 'public transport' by yourself, but getting in the canoe!! Your story did make me laugh! Did you get any pictures then?? You are obviously making the most of your time, its fantastic! Take care. Luv Sharon xx
2nd April 2010

Your weekend sounds amazing, especially the sunset part; sounds breath-taking. Glad to hear you're enjoying it :)x

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