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February 6th 2010
Published: February 6th 2010
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If your one of the many people I’ve been complaining to, or sending annoyed texts you’ll know that for the past few weeks I’ve been having trouble with my computer. This is deeply annoying for me because it holds all my files, everything for work, all my photos, saved emails, things for uni next year, everything. Not to mention it’s where I watch DVD’s to keep myself entertained and write the blogs your reading now.
One of St John’s computers went down and needed to be taken to the repair shop, (yes I now realize I should have thought deeper about the cause of this) because myself and Fred have to travel about to visit schools we can sometimes be out for most of the day, so because I wasn’t using it, I let (someone at work) use my laptop. We left for the day and got back about half 4, to be told that they thought something was wrong. There really was. It couldn’t get past startup before crashing, I tried my best to fix though it but I’m only average on computers so quickly realized that trying to use MSdos (one of the few options available that didn’t involve whipping all my files) to get rid of a virus, was beyond me.
We all use memory sticks to transfer files between the computer, for when we need to print things out or get things from the internet. Because only one of work’s computer is hooked up to the internet, the anti-virus’ tend to be out of date if they work at all. So when malware is picked up from internet cafes, it gets spread around like flu (I scanned one of the flashes just after updating AVG and found 7 different viruses) so you have to be very careful when plugging in flashes. It turns out the flash they’d been using, was infected with a virus, this had been what crashed the office desktop and what had just been plugged into my laptop to make it bork.
Because it was the day before a holiday and the weekend, nothing could be done until Monday, so I turned it off, went home and waited patiently for Monday to arrive (Emz probably wouldn’t agree with this but still). As with everything else, being azungu means that if I were to take the computer along myself I’d probably get ripped off. Aaron knows a guy that works for an IT Centre, he was good enough to phone up and arrange for my laptop to be taken around for repair. The guy tried his best but when I got it back it was whipped clean, no files, no pictures, no music, nothing. He said that if we brought it back on Monday, he could try to recover at least some of the files lost. I’m just waiting to see what the results are when I get it back, but I’m doubtful I’ll get much back, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I now spend the next few weeks trying to scrounge any files I’ve happened to send out to people.
The files I’m most annoyed about loosing are the letters and emails from home and the pictures of friends and family. Most of the work stuff is stored on other computers, music is on my MP3, and pictures uploaded to FB, the files I’ve lost are the ones most important to me.



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