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October 14th 2009
Published: October 14th 2009
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I arrived in Malawi on Thursday, after only 15 or 16 hours of travelling... The flight was OK but came with the usual problems (Small seats, bad food, TV not working) but this was more than made up for in the flight from Nairobi to Lilongwe where the plane was very empty and so I was able to have 3 seats to myself, and have a proper sleep for a few hours rather than dose off wondering if I was going to fall on the guy on one side and the spectacular views of Kenya’s mountains out of the window. I also got talking to some of the guy’s around me, Peter who is going to the ‘Lake of Lights’ music festival up in the north by, yes, the lake and John who is going to a village just north of Lilongwe to volunteer. After I arrived and shown where I was staying that night, The 18 Lodge, I had the opportunity to look around the capital with Grace one of the members of St John, Showing me the New Parliament Building and the memorial to the first president of Malawi Dr. H. K. Banda, as well as some of the city centre.
The next mourning I took the Bus from Lilongwe to Blantyre where I’ll be based for my stay here. Around a 4 hour journey, that gave me a chance to see more of the country side, the villages mountains ect. out of the window. On arrival I was met by Thomas and Aaron, who took me to St John Head quarters, and introduced me to Eleanor Kumdana, the co-ordinator and who I’ll be staying with for the time being.
I spent the weekend getting to know Blantyre, getting the local bus into the town and wandering around, and travelling to Zomba to drop off Eleanor’s nephew at school for the start of term, and visiting her son at University there. I came to work yesterday still a little unsure of what I was meant to be doing; I’m still not 100% but am feeling a little better.
It’s not as warm as I expected, it is obviously far hotter than the UK, but I don’t feel that I’m dying if I go outside nor have I burnt instantly, though given time I think I’ll get a good tan. I’m just getting used to the pace and timing of things here (Dinner at around 10 PM for example) and I’m still a little lost with the language, but I can get by OK with English for the time being as plenty of people speak it as with anywhere, but I hope I can pick it up soon. Doing fine and Enjoying myself.


14th October 2009

sounds like it is going all well so far for you. once you get settled and know your way around im sure it'll be great. im looking forward to your next blog take care
14th October 2009

Hi Joe
Thank goodness for the internet. Love, Mum xxx

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