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Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach September 1st 2017

We were overjoyed to finally reach lake Malawi- after a long day on the road, this place looked like heaven. If I'm honest I didn't see the lake until the next morning as I was to preoccupied with pitching the tent and having a much needed shower. That evening we were dinner guests to our hosts at Kande beach. We had a lovely dinner in a local home before we were treated to the local children singing and dancing for us- we of course ended up joining in! If it wasn't illegal I think I may have stolen one to bring home! The next morning we were up and ready for our walk around the local village. As soon as we left the compound we were staying in we were literally run at by local guys- ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach December 14th 2015

Day 7 saw us arriving at a giant lake that takes up 80% of the country of Malawi. The lake is also called Lake Malawi and it is a fresh water lake with bilharzia in it lol. Apparently that nasty little parasite which is something like a worm that travels to your brain is only in the southern part of the lake where the water isn’t moving. That was according to our driver for our guide said sometimes its there sometimes its not. He seems to say things like that a lot. Either the wifi works or it doesn’t. Thanks for the info….But we were in the middle section of the lake and 4 of us decided to hire a boat that had some fishing gear and snorkel stuff and of course beer to head out ... read more
HUUUUGE eggplant!
biggest ive ever seeeeen

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach March 5th 2014

I don't know how many shades of green there are on planet earth. But am sure that all of them can been seen in a glance out the open sided truck in Malawi....gorgeous! Vast lake Malawi is 160km long and 60km wide and boasts up to 1,000 species of aquatic life, it is the most diverse fresh water habitat in the world. We have taken on 4 refined, educated, 30 something Northern Europeans and the entire tone and intellectual level of the truck has improved. The literati and I paddle out to the island in the lake and are joined by an Italian biologist who is doing research on lake Malawi. An afternoon of snorkeling and interesting conversation restores my faith. People in this region of Malawi are poor, struggling but smiling and kind...I buy too ... read more
Dugout canoe

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach July 21st 2013

Saturday Leaving our ‘love boat’ we travelled further down into Malawi, stopping at a place called Zoozoo where we purchased some of the most beautiful wooden carvings I have ever seen (hoping I can get them into Australia – we have bought quite a bit of stuff already so when we get to the UK we are going to get it shipped over.) Arriving at a place called Kande Beach we stayed in a little bamboo shack which steps literally right down onto the beach – perfect location (we have found on this trip that often we are driving through the most random village in the middle of nowhere and then suddenly we come across a beautiful place to camp or sleep.) We met many travellers from around the world also staying at the same place ... read more
Giant tree - every human arm span is worth 500yrs! We fitted 11 arms around this huge tree!
Our shack on the beach
Kande beach - view from our shack

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach March 13th 2013

Days 23-29: Malawi with ‘Cheap as Chips wood carvings’, pig on a spit, and fresh goat; and fortune telling with a witchdoctor Hi all, it’s been too long between posts, we apologise...TIA. Grab a large coffee this time. Looking back since our last entry takes us to Malawi, known for its warm hearted people and a lake that takes up over 25% of their country. The drive into our campsite Kande Beach was an eye catching one – mountains, water, and locals on the side of the road selling random goods, something we are getting used to. A box full of warm soft drinks, biscuits, nuts, or a corn cooked on the coals stuck to the end of a six foot stick so it can be put under your nose as you wait for ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach October 27th 2012

Small hands fought to hold my own as I walked through the small town centre. Each corner bought additional children with trusting open smiles dancing across their beautiful faces. Although the private resort Kandi Beach offered an escape from the external world the temptation to walk beyond the security gate was far too great to resist. The small village beyond the perimeter housed a local community in typical poverty struck African thatched mud huts. Poultry and goats freely roamed the village, their owners confident of their return before nightfall. Plantations of Cassava lined the road, a root vegetable that required no water, nor no care to thrive. Re-planting was as simple as slicing a small branch from the exposed plant and crudely driving back into the earth. This staple of the Malawian people was harvested 3 ... read more
New friends enjoying a soda
School boys
Science class

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach August 19th 2012

It was nice to get a sleep in this morning, we didn’t get up until 8!!! We went for a walk on the beach, played cards with some of the group and then ate lunch before heading off to go horseriding. We had booked to do a two hour trek in the forest and the beach. It being Chris’ second time horseriding he told the people that he had never been to ensure he got a horse suitable for novices. Chris was given Pavorotti and I was given Emma. Unfortunately the horseriding didn’t go as well as expected. In the first half hour of horseriding, we were given the opportunity to go for a trot. Chris was right behind me and said he was happy to try trotting. Whilst trotting, his horse bit my horse causing ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach August 18th 2012

We had the opportunity for a sleep in before brunch at 10.30. Chris and I still got up around 8am and spent some time reading – surprisingly Chris has taken quite an interest in books!!! We had brunch then everyone jumped in the truck to head to Kande, another area around Lake Malawi. We drove for two hours before stopping at a town to get some supplies and use the internet, Chris was keen to get on to find out all he could about the new Man United signing. We also bought some supplies in the local shops then jumped back on the truck to head to Kande Beach. We got there in the late afternoon and organised to go horse riding the next day. On the way to the horse riding office I hurt my ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach February 14th 2011

"Let sleeping Mzungu's lie" We woke up at 5:15am to catch the early morning (5:45am) pickup truck back to Monkey Bay (MK250). It was a bumpy, very uncomfortable hour drive back, but we chatted to some of the locals and each other, so time passed quickly enough. I reckon I am a little bit bruised from the trip. In Monkey Bay, surprisingly the 7am AXA bus was on time and we hopped on for the trip to Salima (MK780). Most of the guys just slept for the trip (about 3hours). When the ticket man came around again to check our tickets he woke up all of them - they weren't impressed and Jenny said later (as a joke) that they need to "let sleeping Mzungu's lie" - I think that is my favourite quote of the ... read more
Kande Beach
Valentines Day Date1
Valentines Day Date2

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach October 5th 2010

Our big event for today was a visit to the Kande Beach village next to our camp. This included a tour of the village manual water pump, the hospital and school all supported by funds from the Canadian Government. Our guide for this tour showed us into his home where he lives with two younger brothers and a sister - brick walls and thatch roof and cement floor and two windows with glass with three rooms in a total floor space of 20 x 15 feet. He built this home himself. We walked to the main village area and Kayla bought a cold soda from one vendor. Outside on the street, all the day's produce and all manner of other goods were laid out and displayed for sale. Kayla went over to one woman selling maize ... read more

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