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December 14th 2015
Published: January 15th 2016
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Day 7 saw us arriving at a giant lake that takes up 80% of the country of Malawi. The lake is also called Lake Malawi and it is a fresh water lake with bilharzia in it lol. Apparently that nasty little parasite which is something like a worm that travels to your brain is only in the southern part of the lake where the water isn’t moving. That was according to our driver for our guide said sometimes its there sometimes its not. He seems to say things like that a lot. Either the wifi works or it doesn’t. Thanks for the info….But we were in the middle section of the lake and 4 of us decided to hire a boat that had some fishing gear and snorkel stuff and of course beer to head out to the island about 800 meters away. There were some cliffs to jump from as well! We didn’t catch any fish and the snorkeling was short lived, but the jump was super fun and scary at about 20 feet up! It was a nice day and idk if I got the worm cuz it takes a while for symptoms to arise, but we all had a blast J Oh, we also went to play soccer with a bunch of local children and they attacked us with loving eyes wanting to be picked up or at least swung around by their arms. I went to see a cassava plantation and learned a lot about the chief system with allotting farmland to each family. We spent 2 nights at this middle spot and then headed north to spend another night on the lake. In the middle spot at night there were “fairy lights” aglow which we were convinced we could see Mozambique but then learned that boats go out and put up huge spotlights to attract the fish. There were zero boats at the northern spot but pleeeeenty of lake flies around the campground lights. Grooooosssss……..Malawi was short lived and I really wished I had more time than just a few days, but that’s part of what I signed up for I suppose.

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