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Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe April 2nd 2014

Ok, I know its been a while... about a month, as its been so long I'm just going to write about what I can remember... So Lets start with the most wonderful public transport we have here... (I have lots of stories but these are my favourites) The 1st story: Jessica and I had to get home from the lake after our camping trip with Thia. We waited at the corner where the path to the lake meets the main road for 30 mins and finally got in a tok-tok that was so full, 4 people were hanging on to the outside. When squished in, with our camping bags, thankfully we didn't have the tent and bedding! I counted all the people that were also squished inside, there were 18 people including the men hanging on ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe March 6th 2014

I will recommend a cup of tea and some snacks for this, I had to have a tea pot full of tea just writing this!! I hope you enjoy and take your time... Lets start with a happy story..... Last week I had a pet tortoise called Mike for 30 minutes! One of the builders at work found him behind some rocks and gave him to me to look at. I picked the tortoise up at the surprise of everyone and took him to the kids, he was very strong and quite heavy, lots of teachers came to look and went away a bit sheepish of him except for Virginia who stayed with us. I asked her what we should call it, she came up with Mike, and it stuck. Lots of the kids came closer ... read more
Colour box 3
Colour Box 3
The colour Tablets

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe February 9th 2014

We pass the night in at a horrible camp. Small, crowded, mercenary and overrun with biting ants! Going into the truck at 5am I nearly step on the other travelers...they had all fled to the sanctuary of the truck in the middle of the night! (Using Island smarts plus being environmentally incorrect, noticing the ants earlier had sprayed my tent so was fine). We left camp very early heading for Zambia...Goodbye Malawi (for now). There are more great things here to discover but time is limited and overall it was not easy... Now onward to Zambia...deeper and deeper into the heart of Africa.... read more
Boy Lake Malawi
Water pump

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe February 7th 2014

Note: Get a cup of tea and some biscuits before you read any further as it is a very long entry!! This week has gone quite slowly. It feels like I have been here 2 months not 2 weeks! But in a very good way. I have met some interesting animals (some scary, some gross and some nice from a distance!) they include: 2 scorpions(both killed by me), one green scary snake that was poisonous (Maryanne cut its tail off and it slithered away) 2 cockroaches that were really big and red (I tried to kill them but they ran away too fast ewww) a very hairy caterpillar that will make you itch if you touch it, it moves quite fast for a caterpillar. (Mr Bander took it away with a dust pan and brush). A ... read more
Lizard Island
Daniel on the boat
One of the Americans with Lacy

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe February 1st 2014

Sorry for the long delay.... I have been quite busy and very tired, (I have almost a nap a day). But not today (Friday)!! I was going to post this yesterday but as fates had it there was no electricity and therefore no internet to do much, except to write it and wait for the internet, yet it never came... so here we are on Friday the 30th January 2014.... So this week has been a tiny bit crazy. I have been at the nursery school this week until today (Friday) where I spent the morning at Glad Tidings the orphanage where Emily did her beautiful paintings, (they still remember you!) This week at the nursery I had my 1st spontaneous lesson with the children. It was at lunch time, we were waiting for the nsima ... read more
Trinomial Cube
The view from our bolder
My new garden

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe January 27th 2014

I had a wonderful day today at the nursery just looking and observing, they have asked me to do something tomorrow so I will bring in the parachute and play with that. They have beautiful grounds, where the kids can swing, play football, catch and other great outside games that do not involve many objects and things. Inside the classroom there are only 5 tables and about 6 chairs to each table, so some of the children had to sit on the floor mats that were made of straw, (I didn't bring my camera today annoyingly so there are no pics yet). There were about 35 children in the classroom ranging from 3-6 years old. The classroom has no toys so the children have to sit and listen to the teacher. I didn't see any of ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe January 26th 2014

The day I left was Mum's birthday, we had celebrated a bit the night before so Emily could join in. In the morning Emily left and I finished my last minute packing. When all the bags and suitcases were finally closed (after a lot of effort) we had a phone call from Dad saying that the big car will not start. Sir Robin and the Van were just too small to fit all my stuff, Jess's weekend stuff, Mum and Dad's things for the wedding and all 4 of us! So we were screwed! Thankfully Mum had a wonderful idea of phoning Sam, as he has a massive car that will happily fit all of our things in and us, with a lot more space! After all that drama as it took over an hour to ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe October 31st 2013

Finally landed in Malawi. After an 18 hour flight from Istanbul to Lilongwe which included a kip on a deck chair in Addis Ababa, I'm finally here. Seemed slightly surreal to be here after all the months of planning and saving money. How things come around so soon! Both flights were very good and the service was efficient. As we departed Addis Ababa in the morning for Lilongwe, I opted for a window seat so I could take in the scenery and it didn't disappoint. The vast open plains of Tanzania and Kenya were breathtaking. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the plane near the border of TNZ/KNY so I missed Mount Kilimanjaro. Once in Malawi, you really got a sense of how big the Lake is here - it is stunning. After landing ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe August 24th 2013

Geo: -13.9808, 33.7721Got to Mabuya camp and found our A-frame Robert had reserved for us thankfully as we were both fairly exhausted. Had a minor crisis about water purifying because the crank one we have brought with us does require constant cranking for 90 seconds. We then switched to the Katydn system which allowed us to make water for the time we would be there. Had a short nap, ordered some samosas then more nap and put in an order for dinner. Dinner has a set menu and you have to order before 5:30. Our dinner was chicken pasta and sweet potato curry both of which were quite delicious. After dinner we went back to the bar for some white wine, no red wine to be found! Visited with Samuel who has been there for five ... read more
Old Town in Lilongwe
Mabuya Camp in Lilongwe, Malawi
Lilongwe Airport

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe February 7th 2013

Once Mum had left Malawi, we spent a couple of days in Lilongwe working hard. We cleaned the whole house, sweeping, mopping, washing bedding, killing insects, wiping shelves, cleaning dishes. I also cooked some very yummy dinners, including polenta and beans, and vegetable curry and rice. Then we washed a whole heap of clothes, hoping they wouldn't get rained on. And after all this we were very tired and grumpy. So we went to Blantyre to stay with Gabbie's family, where we wouldn't have to do any cleaning, cooking or washing. I wanted to take one of the new double decker buses to Blantyre, but they weren't running on the day we wanted to go. But amazingly, the bus we took wasn't even full and got to Blantyre quickly! I was shocked! No chickens on the ... read more
A Praise sandwich
Sleeping baby
Zione and the many nappies

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