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February 26th 2006
Published: February 26th 2006
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well, i'm not feeling inspired to write much at the moment, but i want to share some photos with you all so you can see a little bit of my life. alefa. enjoy!

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What a view!What a view!
What a view!

This is the view out my kitchen sink/window...every day when I brush my teeth, I look at these mountains and rice fields and feel blessed.

And this is the kitchen sink/window. Looks a bit different now as I have moved some things around. But here is where I store my veg, cook, and brush my teeth.

This is the damage of my infamous fleas...just wanted you to get an idea how miserable they can be. I even considered wearing a flea collar!
My MpanentanaMy Mpanentana
My Mpanentana

Dalety, the mpanentana fahasalamana in Tsarazaza and I on a hike. She's basically the 'Gasy version of my job. She's amazing and I'd be lost without her.

26th February 2006

Thank you. I enjoyed your pictures. Love, Grandma
26th February 2006

Amazing Jamie
Jamie, you are an amazing young woman. don't forget that just because you get to meet other amazing young women like you. Thank you for the work you are doing there. You have been and will continue to be blessed by it. and thanks for sharing it with me. Love, Sheila
28th February 2006

rachel berthiaume's mom
I am sorry you are being harassed by the fleas. I have heard they are a plague there. I don't think rachel has been inundated by them yet. Hope that you can overcome all the challenges.
10th April 2006

Peace Corps
Do you know Tara Stohler? I think she was in your group......she is a friend of mine from the states. I too was a PCV Niger, Tara came to visit me while I was there. Good luck with everything!!! Darren

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