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October 10th 2007
Published: October 10th 2007
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Hi, I am back in Brussels now and Nadja is back in Berlin.
I have fever and some strange insect bites and Nadja is S...... strange worms.
I won't write anything new now and will put some pictures on-line soon.
But I recovered my old "going to the east" story so here it is:

Hi all,
We are in Tamatave (Toamasina) now.
On the previous Blog you saw plenty of pictures, and we actually have a lot more to tell about all what we did and saw:
Giant cockroaches in the toilets,
The pousse pousse rides in Antsirabe,
The long horse back ride which broke our backs,
On the Tsiribina: Crocodile, Chameleons (Nadja saw a big one eating the flies when she was shitting in an open toilet), Lemurs, Bats, Birds, lot's of vegetation (albeit very dry), etc..
In Atsiraraka we saw our first Baobabs!
Then after the Tsingy we ended up in Morondava where we stayed in the most luxury resort for 3 days, and yes it was Nadja's birthday...

So we wrote previous blog in Tananarivo, which was the first time we had internet since Antsirabe.

We stayed 2 days there and did a bit of sightseeing around Tana. We went to see the first "Palace" of the first King of Madagascar. I was very impressed by it, but it is actually only a big wooden hut!

As it had been so dry and so "negative" we decided to take our chance direction east coast.
till now we went to Andasibe National Park, that's really rain forest. With a little stress on RAIN... We did 3 walks in the forest : 1 at night and 2 during the day.

We aw Sleeping Chameleons, The smallest "mouse" Lemur and the tallest Indri Indri Lemur, which makes the weirdest sound: something between a siren and a whale singing...
Then we went on to Tamatave, another Taxi-Brousse struggle...

On the way we saw giant spiders above our heads in a small restaurant( and LOT's of them!!)

And tomorrow we're off to Ile Sainte Marie!
A paradise Island to end our trip, hopefully it won't be to much of a rain-hell. As we're in the dry season, but it has rained a lot here so it could become a rainy hell...
We also are really tempting the devil: Our flight back to Europe is the 9th in the evening and our flight back to Tana is on the 9the in the morning!!!!!

This time no pictures, it's too slow, maybe later...


11th October 2007

Welcome back!
Looking forward to meeting you both and watching your pictures:)
12th October 2007

First of all, welcome back... It makes us pain to hear now your storys about the worms and fever... Glups, we'll take our malaria profilaxis til the end, it seems... Hope to hear from you soon guys...!!!
15th October 2007

to Juan
Hi Juan, please send me your e-mail I don't know where it is right now... PS didn't eat an extra Bannane Flambée, but we had a last Punch coco for you guys

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