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Africa » Madagascar » Toliara March 6th 2018

Tuesday 6 March – Isolo National Park The weather was magnificent, with clear blue sky other than a couple of white fluffy clouds, as we left at 7.45am to pick up our guide and cook in the town (Ranohira). On the main intersection of the town was a bright red and yellow pub which was the colour of the Three Horses Beer company, a regular site in these villages. From time to time we saw staggering men on roads who had obviously had a bit too much THB or home-made rum. Our guide had very good English as he explained to whilst driving out to the entrance of the Park that when local Bara tribes people die they place their bodies in a temporary grave for 3 years. After that time the bones are cleaned and ... read more
Isola NP - Black Pool but brown from rain (1)
Isola NP (34)
Isola NP (12)

Africa » Madagascar » Toliara May 30th 2017

MADAGASCAR- THE RED ISLAND: LEMURS, BAOBABS, MUSIC AND VANILLA Wow, what a journey. I had wanted to go to Madagascar since I was nine years old and saw a little baobab tree (one of the most unique trees on earth). For three weeks I lived out of my backpack, traveled with my good friends Earl and Filip and was in a completely different culture. I always feel that I grow so much as a person when I strike out on the road. I think personal journeys can happen in other countries or just down the road. It is all in the attitude. If I project my way of thinking on wherever I go, I never learn a thing. If I travel with open eyes and an open spirit, I learn so much. The beauty of humans ... read more

Africa » Madagascar » Toliara » Morondava November 21st 2015

Geo: -20.29, 44.27what's good for motorbiking, it's bad for the charisma of a place...a paved road...Travelling for many, many years...I have learned that a paved road leading to a town will change their personalities away from strangers forever...What did I see here?...The road has been paved all the way to Morondava...To bad, it was time to arrive and leave at the same time...Staying in Morondava for 2 nights to service my bike a bit as I will have one of the most difficult rides in front of me...Morondava simply upholds that statement I have made...The paved road has changed them to the bad forever...No reason to keep lingering...I got ready to leave...Leaving this time had it's difficulties...The raining season started and submerged certain areas I was intended to drive under deep's adventurous place is ... read more

Africa » Madagascar » Toliara » Tolear November 10th 2014

We were told by a guide at the airport to "expect the unexpected". Good advice for Madagascar. Driving is no exception. The best road, built with EU money, becomes deeply potholed without warning. The worst rutted track randomly becomes paved for 30 metres and then reverts to dirt. Most people here walk but there are a few bicycles - although we seem to see more strapped to the roof of a bus than on the road. Buses are invariably old Japanese minibuses, packed to bursting, six people on each three person seat. Produce is moved by zebu cart. Zebu (£200 each) are the beasts of burden as well as a food source. Zebu carts are erratic, zebu being prone to wandering or taking fright at other road users. On our drives we see lots of rice ... read more
Zebu cart transfer
Village girl
Verreaux's sifaka lemur

Africa » Madagascar » Toliara January 6th 2012

Bruno, the tatted up Marseillais instructor, guided me to the edge, and then with a gentle push we began a slow descent along the Technicolor wall of corals, vibrant fish darting in and out of the crevices and waving sea fans. My nose skimmed inches above the bright textures.And all I could think: “Why have I never done this before?!” Twenty minutes later, as we gradually ascended, the strange underwater world I had been nose-to-nose with began to slip away and the shimmer of the sun on the ocean surface began to come into view. I lost all sense of up and down for a moment. I also had no sense of how deep we had plunged. When we broke the surface, the instructor pointed at me and said: “Seize mètres!” “Seize mètres?” Really? 16 meters? ... read more
Pirogue Port in Toliara
Preparing to Load Up

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