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August 8th 2018
Published: August 8th 2018
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After a bone-jarring, sleep-lacking, knee-hurting 31 hour taxi-brousse (think crowded van) from Tana we finally arrived in the evening in Diego-Suarez (Antsiranana). Of course there was a blown tire along the way, but that just provided a break for the excruciating pain in my knees from it being jammed into a metal bar for over a day.

The first 4 days were spent in Diego-Suarez with a few excursions to the nearby areas.

The first day was mostly just recovery from the horrific 31 hour ride, and some light exploring around town.

The second day 3 of us hired a 4x4 and went in the morning to Mount Amber to see chameleons. How he could spot some of them boggles my mind but in total we saw 7 different species, including the smallest in the world and a fairly large one. There were also a number of well-camouflaged geckos. We then drove to the red tsingy for some pictures. It was a bit overhyped but interesting nonetheless.

The third day I did a hike called Three Bays. For the most part there was light rain but a heavy wind so the rain sprayed sideways. My right side was drenched wet while my left side was perfectly dry.The paths meandered along some beaches and bays until reaching a military installation of some kind, although all the buildings looked quite unused. The path ended in a fishing village on the beach.

The last day I had a plan to take a boat out but the boat agent told me the wrong time so I missed the boat.

I then headed over to Nosy Be to end my trip. I had almost 2 weeks. The first day I spent in Hell-Ville and wandered around. I then went to Ambolatoloaka on the beach where I went diving before I got sick. I was sick for several days, so once recovered, the rest of the time was spent recovering to make sure I could take the flight home.

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