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Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe October 18th 2023

I had better start writing before I start forgetting. It is probably still too late. We are lying in an oasis of luxury in a new hotel in Miandrivazo heading West. We could be anywhere in the world. The reality is outside. This is the start of a 30 tour of Madagascar. In the end we decided not to travel independently and have used JeanBe Tours. Even though we are only early in our visit we have no problem recommending JeanBe. He has been travelling with us and arranged all. For a short trip like this it makes all the difference. See The first part of our trip has been a two day drive to the West to the first of the nature areas. It has introduced us to life on the central plateau of ... read more

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe February 28th 2018

Wednesday 28 February – drive from Antsirabe to Morondava Today was going to be another driving day but longer – around 500kms. After breakfast and checking out of the Hotel Royal Palace. On the edge of the city, as we drove out, we saw the only beer factory in Madagascar. It was the Three Heads Beer factory which was founded in 1956. Beer is very cheap (in our terms) in Madagascar – just over $1.00 AUD for 650mls. You can buy it from a shop for 1000 Ar ($0.45 AUD for 650 mls). We then completed our drive through the city then continued along the productive, volcanic valley for about an hour. We saw extensive erosion and mud slides and saw the destruction of a cyclone which hit the Island 6 weeks earlier. Rivers had washed ... read more
Between Antisirabe and Monrondava - cyclone damage 6 weeks earlier
Around Mandota - dry rocky lots of erosion (2)
Challanging roads of Madagascar (3)

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe February 27th 2018

Tuesday 27 February – drive from Andasibe Park to Antsirabe The direction we were heading today was South-West, bypassing Tana. It was a 360 km trip on a variety of standard of roads which were narrow in places and loaded with trucks which we could not pass easily on the single lane roads. As we were going up the mountain range we came across 2 trucks that had broken down. The only problem was that one truck was going up the hill and the other broken down truck was going down the hill so the road was completely blocked, that was for all other trucks. We drove half on and half off the road to get past the trucks. The ‘half off’ was on the edge of the steep hill!! Once past the blockage, the ... read more
Andasebe Park to Antsirabe (102)
Andasebe Park to Antsirabe - our lunch stop (3)
Antsirabe - Hotel Royal Palace

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe July 23rd 2017

Wow, so a lot has happened since the last update... 7/15/17 We decided we were well enough to head out on the bikes. We had asked a local guy who reportedly knew the roads very well and he assured us that our selected route could be done in a day by bikes. So feeling confident and ready to ride, we headed out of Morondava in the direction of Belo sur Mer around 6:30am. We caught the sunrise outside of town and really enjoyed the first 15 miles. Some of it on the highway with lots of other bikes and zebu carts, some of it dirt road through local villages and farms and a supersweet 'this is biking in Madagascar' river crossing. After the river crossing the next 10 miles or so were okay. Mostly rideable with ... read more
First 5 miles of dirt road were passable
River crossing
Each village produced a parade

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe December 25th 2016

Lots and lots of lemurs - but first - wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!! Madagascar – As I am writing this, I can hear the lemur cry, such an eiry, almost human like sound. We are now Day #7 in country and quickly becoming quite the lemur experts, if only we could remember their names! It is amazing to see so many of them! It is the eyes, that are so mesmerizing! We landed in Tana, the capital which is an amazing combination of cultures – African, Indonesian, French, Indian. Built on the hills with beautiful terraced rice fields in the valleys. The food has been fantastic with the same combination of countries. Plus, they appear not to be having any issues with their rains, as the country appears fertile and lush with the markets ... read more
Le Palmarium at Akanin'ny Nofy
The city of Tana

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe June 7th 2013

Antsirabe is the third largest city in Madagascar and the capital of the Vakinankaratra region. The city has population of over 180,000. In Madagascar, Antsirabe is known for its relatively cool climate, its industry and the high concentration of pulled rickshaws or "pousse-pousses", amongst other things. This info coming from wikitravel, so now to get there we have to come back to Tana from Andasibe, as the road only goes that way, along the way we have to pick up Misa, our back up guide(in training). She is still in training and Gary, the owner of Remote River Expeditions asked me if it's ok is she joins us, I said no big deal, we picked her up in the outskirts of Tana before heading west. The scenery is filled with ricefields, and zebu, similar to cows ... read more

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe July 19th 2010

On our journey North we spend a night in Ambositra. We visit the restaurant with the supposedly 'best' pizza in Madagascar, awful! We are also subjected to a Nigerian evangelical TV programme too, where the women scream as the devil takes over their body and they attack another woman! The weather has turned to rain so we don't do much in this town. It is famous for crafts so I buy a silk scarf but then we continue North. We visit Lake Tritriva, this is supposed to be naturally the shape of Madagascar. There is a Malaasy legend that two love crossed lovers drowned themselves in the lake and many people come to perform sacrifices. While we are there we see a sacrifice where a couple are praying for their newborn baby, they have a live ... read more
View from breakfast
Way to move wood
Rivo in our 4WD

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe October 5th 2009

After the chaos of our Tana departure, the trip to Antsirabe is fairly orderly. The road is in excellent condition and it's its constant meanderings around the hills of the Central Highlands that stretch out the journey time. Of course we have a totally unnecessary food break, but it's good to be reminded at times that I'm still in Africa. We pass numerous examples of terracing, as well as the curiously square buildings that speak of Asia rather than the circular affairs I've been used to seeing over the last few months. I spot adverts for Baby Foot, which I guess must be the local expression for foosball. I'm surprised by the number of cyclists on the road, given some of the gradients, but the tarmac's so good that going by bike must be an attractive ... read more
Railway station
Street signs

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe August 25th 2009

Geo: -19.8571, 47.0338... read more

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe August 14th 2005

Geo: -20.5183, 47.4197... read more

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