Words can't describe israel, it conjures up all kinds of feelings. Definitely a school trip to remember
February 1st 2000 -» March 1st 2000
A real treasure
November 1st 2000 -» November 1st 2000
Friendliest and randomest of countries meant I never knew what to expect from one day to the next. Visit it!!
August 19th 2001 -» July 19th 2003
Amazing place. Such a fusion of cultures and so colourful.
August 21st 2003 -» September 11th 2003
Rome for New Year! Had a fantastic time visiting friends
December 30th 2003 -» January 5th 2004
Went on impulse, got lost in the souk, found a new friend and escaped to a berber village. Beautiful!
May 13th 2004 -» May 24th 2004
Summer back travelling in China
September 10th 2004 -» September 28th 2004
New Year in New York!
December 30th 2004 -» January 1st 2005
Off to find paradise beaches in lovely azerbaijanian company :)
June 25th 2005 -» July 8th 2005
Our long anticipated African adventure to Zimbabwe,S.Africa and Madagascar visiting family friends and animals
July 13th 2005 -» August 19th 2005
Great to be back and busy in China. I even have a job! Working as an Overseas Leader for i-to-i in Xian.
February 21st 2006 -» September 5th 2006
Wooden huts nestled in stunning mountain scenery, bamboo forests, fluffy rabbits, rice paddies, waterfalls, exotic flowers and wildlife. This is where Bill comes from and where you can visit!
August 1st 2006 -» January 1st 1970
Trying to overshadow the stress of evil Entry Clearance Officers and horrid Chengdu with tropical islands, high altitudes, yaks and alpine 'vistas' rather than 'visas!'
April 13th 2007 -» June 11th 2007
A little bit of isolation
August 31st 2007 -» August 31st 2007
Brugges Fairytale Castle
June 6th 2012 -» June 9th 2012
China with the baby!
March 20th 2013 -» April 18th 2013
Lovely Limousin
August 2nd 2013 -» August 10th 2013
March 28th 2015 -» April 4th 2015
China with the toddler and the baby!
April 1st 2016 -» April 15th 2016