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September 23rd 2007
Published: September 23rd 2007
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Or maybe not..... So first of all in this Blog you'll find: 1) PLENTY of photos 2) A very negative comment as I have to get it off my chest 3) a text that Nadja wrote about most of what we did till now. (I use her text as I have spent a lot of time uploading the pictures. So what's wrong????? We have been very dissapointed by the "friendliness" of the Malagasy. Madagascar is not a country to tr... Read Full Entry

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Le bateau bus...Le bateau bus...
Le bateau bus...

Deja en panne

23rd September 2007

cordoba enzo
Dag Frederik ! Blij iets van jullie te horen ! Op het ogenblik dat ik je mail kreeg was ik weliswaar een jaar na dato maar met veel plezier en goede herinneringen begonnen met de foto's van Cordoba in een album te 'plakken', als dat geen telepathie is ! Benieuwd naar je verhalen !
24th September 2007

Ben dites donc
Ca faisait longtemps sans nouvelles!!! Je comencais à m'inquiéter. Expériences pas toujours faciles je vois !! Essayez tout de même d'en profiter. Les paysages visités ont l'air superbes.
24th September 2007

Madagascar on a different planet?
Hi F, so strange to read about ur bad experiences in Mada.. I have 2 friends who traveled around Mada for many months some years ago and they where so delighted by the country and the people.. 1 of them even found the love of his life overthere, they re happily married, have a baby already and are planning to move out from Belgium and go live on Mada as soon as possible... I ve send the link to ur blog to my friend asking him if u and him traveled the same Mada on the same planet :-) Anyway, hope ur trip will return to get back to smooth, with nice food and clean sheets ;-) Bye and take care! Fred.
24th September 2007

Different trips different experiences
Hi Fred! Glad to hear from you. to reply to you: First of all our experience does not necesarely represent the only truth. And your friends travelled here several years ago, so maybe it got worse as the poverty here is defenetly not improving. As for finding a girlfriend here, I can assure you it is no problem, you can pick one up at every corner in Tana. I also have a friend hapely maried with a Malagasy woman and lived here for quite a while until he got totaly ripped off by his in-laws that they had to come and live in Belgium again. On the positive side of things tough: we have had some nice experiences with people and nature too, but far less than what I have experienced in all my previous trips... Hope to see you when I get back.
27th September 2007

et toujours le sourire!
Coucou Nadja et Fred! Avec tt ce qui vous est arrivé jusque là je vous décerne la palme d'or du sourire que vous avez malgré tout gardé sur toutes les photos (ou: seulement sur les photos?!) bonne route et à bientôt via blog - bizz de bxl à tous les 2, Alya
29th September 2007

ile sainte marie
salut Fred and Nadja (que je ne connais pas encore mais ça va viendre!) j'ai un ami qui est allé à Madagascar, à qui j'ai raconté vos mésaventures. Il me suggère de vous recommander l'île Nosi Ste Marie si vous voulez de la nature et du paradis. Du vrai et de l'authentique. Voilà, s'il est encore temps...
1st October 2007

Hello Fred !
Encore une fois des magnifiques photos, waw, je bave sur mon clavier ! Mais je suis bien surprise que vous ayez eu de si mauvaises expériences, je suis allée à Mada il y a 6 ou 7 ans et j'en ai gardé un tellement bon souvenir ! On a bien eu quelques galères dans les transports en commun, mais après coup, ça fait des bons souvenirs ! J'espère que la suite de votre voyage se passera mieux et gros bisous ! Alex
9th October 2007

magacarian haute cuisine
nice shrimp !!! was that the rotten fish that made you vomit ??
13th December 2007

You sound like me!
Hi, Just came across your rant about Madagascar whilst looking for our Travelblog entry ( and it sounded just like me! We spent 3 months in the country (half at a dive conservation project on the west coast) and I had quite a few major arguments with people who as you say were blatantly used to rich foreigners on package holidays where $50-100 for ride was feasible! Anyway I won't go on as you already know the score! We did enjoy our time there, but they have a warped view of tourists and how much money they have. Enjoy the rest of your trip Geoff

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