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July 22nd 2012
Published: July 24th 2012
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A very early good morning from 40000ft above the Sahara.

Its been a pleasant flight thus far, watched Tintin as my first movie, and it was worth my time. I slept for about 3 hours, but I cant seem to find sleep right now.

I scored it quite lucky with my seating placement; sitting at a window with no one between myself and the aisle seat. In the aisle seat I met Maies, a travel agent from Mountain View, California. Had a good chat about her experiences in Africa, South Africa, Kenya and so forth. She also invited me to the Air France Lounge in Paris as her guest, so that means free food and a shower, something that I wouldnt be getting in any other case, so that is a really nice gesture.

In trying to find sleep, I've been switching between music channels looking for something sleepy. I've settled on some of Enya's music; I'm not really a fan, but it will do.

I'm experiencing a feeling of adventure, that feeling the explorers of old must have felt at the start of a new exploit. This is really the beginning, and I have never been this far away from South Africa; that occurred a little past the Equator.

Ok, switched to some Red Hot Chili Peppers now, it is a more fitting description of my adventurous inclinations.

It truly is an awakening to know that the journey is underway and on a scary note, flying just West of the Post-war Libya, and seeing the names of all the conflict cities, is quite surreal.

I'm at 40000 ft, 2000 Km from Paris, leaving Johannesburg behind by 3500 miles at 935 km/h and I'm still trying to find sleep.


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