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July 7th 2010
Published: July 7th 2010
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Hello again this time writing from Durban,
It has been a great last few days. Since we left Swaziland we have done a ton of hiking and such. We went to the ampitheater to see the worlds 2nd highest waterfalls as well as the very highest in Africa. We were a bit sad that the worlds second highest waterfalls was all but dry this time of year but we saw the snow patch where it all begins :-) ...i wish i had more internet time to lable all of the pictures and edit them... but alas this may be a project for India. Anyhow after the ampitheater day (a 7km sheer drop in the northern drakenburgs) we headed to the southern berg to the Sani Pass lodge.

LESOTHO: We proceded up a stone/dirt road at 25 degree inclines in a 4x4 at about 1 mile per hour until we reached Lesotho. We went to a local villiage and visited the dung and stone houses. Really neat! I would be bored to tears though if I lived there. An interesting cultural note is this: the flags flying above the dung huts indicate what is for sale there. White or Yellow flags indicate homemade beer, the red flags indicate meat, and the green flags indicate vegetables. We also had some homemade bread which is in the pictures.

So in general youll see a lot of pictures of the wildlife and mountains as well as Lesotho. We have enjoyed Durban although our stay here was too short. We watched the Uraguay game at the fan fest on the beach. This was a ton of fun altho Uruaguay lost 2-3 to the Dutch. Anyhow they can still get 3rd place if they do well later this week in Port Elizabeth. It is cloudy today so instead of another beach day we are heading down the coast. Its 1300 kms from here to Knysna on one land roads with cattle free roaming..

Anyhow, Ill try to check back in after my marathon!

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