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Africa » Lesotho » Butha Buthe July 17th 2019

Ron was very excited to be travelling up the Sani Pass to enter a new country, Lesotho. Our driver from Roof of Africa tours picked us up in a four wheel drive, a necessity for tackling the pass. It took two hours of bumping along gravel roads, some with steep drops to reach the summit of the pass at 2873 metres. After crossing the border, Ron enjoyed a beer at the the highest pub in Africa, the only building at the top of the pass before we travelled on through the mountains of Lesotho. Lesotho is a landlocked country encircled by South Africa, just over 30,000 km square with a population of just over 2 million. It is considered the highest country in the world due to its lowest point being 1400 metres, hence "why Nepal ... read more
Enjoying a beer at the top of the pass
Frozen waterfall on the Sani Pass
Sani pass

Africa » Lesotho » Butha Buthe December 18th 2008

In the centre of South Africa, is the world’s third-smallest but highest country - Lesotho. Lesotho has 2.1 million people living in it. The population is largely farmers, living in small rural communities, their main crop maize. The Northern Drakensberg, where I am staying, is nearby the Lesotho border and my backpackers runs day trips across the border. So that was my adventure today. Two mini buses of us packed in and headed off. The drive was almost 2 hours to the border. We all lined up with the locals at the immigration booth to have our passports scanned and stamped. Then we entered Lesotho. Right away, it was different. Lesotho is quite a poor country. South Africa, while it has it’s challenges has it’s share of people who are poor, has great financial infrastructure, especially ... read more
In the Village
Home and the Hill
The kids are a bit shy

Africa » Lesotho » Butha Buthe May 2nd 2008

Amazing place The backpapers at the Drakensberg organised day tours to Lesotho - The Kingdom in the Sky - and as we were so close we decided to head over there. The roads up to Lesotho are very, very bad and very, very twisty. You wouldn't believe that we could get up there in a normal minibus! on the way we passed Qwa Qwa (to say this you have to use the click found in Zulu/Sotho languages - replace the Q for a click - very hard to get right!). This is another of the Apartheid's homelands and again thousands of people were relocated to this area on the South African border, far away from any cities and therefore work, and with very poor agricultural land. Qwa Qwa was the focus of a British documentary trying ... read more
Lesotho boy
Lesotho houses
Looking back to South Africa

Africa » Lesotho » Butha Buthe April 24th 2006

Once again at the crack of dawn, and with Morgan in tow, we watched an amazing sunrise then set out with the intention of hiking and hitching to the town of Mokhotlong, which at 57km away was the closest town and best chance of getting any transport towards anywhere that we might decide to go. The five hours that passed before the first car came along and gave all three of us a lift to Mok. passed in a flash. Full of energy after the previous nights big dinner and sleep in front of the fire we effortlessly hiked through the snow and over the Black Mountain range, unknowingly summitting the highest point in Southern Africa at over 3300m. The sense of adventure was unbelievable, as was the scenery. Nothing grows above about 2000m here and ... read more
Mongolia Morning
Bootcamp Henderson
We did it!

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