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May 22nd 2014
Published: May 22nd 2014
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I met a friend for lunch and I asked her what she had been up to while I had been studying, her response “Well, I’m having a baby” and she rubbed her extremely pregnant belly. And that about sums it up, while my friend has been growing a baby I have been studying, something I have put off for over 12 years. It’s been hard, a lot of work, I feel disconnected from my life and friends, my house is not as organised as I would like, I haven’t emailed my mum properly in a long time, skype dates have not happened, I actually forgot to pick up my friends children from school, and the list goes on.

In the same 9 months Murray and I were involved in helping start a new church in our area. Our old church (30mins drive) was bursting at the seams, so we had a team from there start another one (with the blessing of the old church), in a different geographical area. It’s been exciting, but a lot of work. Murray still has his day job that requires a lot of travel, with a lot more refugees needing assistance with the
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South Sudan crisis kicking off again.

So this is what I remember happening since we last updated you:

Emma turned 3yrs (in January), Hayley turned 5yrs old and Charlotte turned 7yrs old (both in April). See separate blog for birthday photos.

In February, Charlotte and Hayley had their swimming gala at school. Murray did the 10 to 4 race, down Mt Kenya on a mountain bike. And our dog Megan had a stroke, and miraculously recovered after we had been told to say goodbye to her.

In April, we remembered the war vets from New Zealand and Australia with the ANZAC Dawn service in Nairobi, with Charlotte as the NZ flag rep again.

In May I dusted off my sports shoes and played in a netball tournament, which was great fun and the kids got into it as well.

I became “Ms Burt – the teacher” and Murray became “Pastor Murray”.

Murrays travel schedule has not eased this year, with conferences in Geneva and India. And also doing site visits to refugee camps in Uganda, Ethiopia, North Sudan, and Djibouti. Hopefully Murray will do a blog soon.

I’m sure a lot more happened in that time, but I’m just glad to be on the other side of my PGCE and looking towards the future!

In June we say goodbye again to many friends as well as the kids friends. Charlotte’s best friend is leaving, along with a few other close friends. One of Hayley’s close friends is leaving as well. Also many people leave Nairobi for the “summer” holidays (Northern hemisphere). Nairobi empties out and becomes a little sleepier. It’s a sad time of year in Nairobi, and with the latest bus bombs and British tourists being sent home from Mombasa, everyone is a little more on edge again. At the moment the security climate is tense, with rumours of the next terrorist targets flying around. It can be quite unsettling, and having to explain to Charlotte why we can’t attend a birthday party at a mall on a Saturday afternoon is something I would rather not have to explain to my 7yr old. But I am reminded of atrocities happening all around the world, and if God wants us here, then it is the safest place for us to be. And at the moment I have to remind myself of that more than usual.

Love Miriam

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23rd May 2014

All that hard work has paid off. Well done!

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