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April 18th 2009
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I've been looking forward to my 4 day safari to the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru National Parks with a mixture of excitement and trepidation - excitement at being on the verge of seeing one of the most famous game reserves on the planet, and trepidation at sharing that experience with some strangers. One big plus of independent travel is that you can choose just how much interaction you have with o... Read Full Entry

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Of a lion
Buffalo on the insideBuffalo on the inside
Buffalo on the inside

Lion on the outside

Of a cheetah

Of hippos
My tent and bandaMy tent and banda
My tent and banda

Big Time Camp

Of an elephant
That's gotta suckThat's gotta suck
That's gotta suck

Kuoni customer shortly before being dragged to safety by the cheapest outfit in the park

10th June 2009

Zoomed-in shots?
I didn't see any blurry shot......in fact, your photos are absolutely good! Like those 'rear' photos. Nice one, john. But I just had to ask how far away you were when you took those lion shots.
11th June 2009

Blurry shots
Thanks for the positive comment - however, among others, the cheetah fur photo is blurred. Fine at this resolution but I won't be able to blow any of these up :-( We were right next to the lions when I took the lion shots, as in RIGHT next to. Great for me - not sure how the lions felt about it though ...
16th June 2009

You're very brave. I doubt I'd have the guts to do that. I'd just read your blogs and view the photos!
23rd June 2009

incredible pics
Have read your blogs with no desire to retrace your steps until now. The descriptions and pics are fantastic. I hope you are giving serious thought to doing some books about your travels.
2nd September 2009

:) I like 'buffalo on the inside' ....heeeee. that tummy looks so full indeed. I can relate to 'getting stuck in waters' , we did too in my last trip (Aug08)....we actually jumped out from the windows into knee deep marsh to make the 4X4 lighter, and then pulled it up. great exp though. :) what made it even more thrilling was the the male-lion growling from behind a near by bush (and we didnt know which direction), the guide said that was a mating call for it's grilfriend. I'm going back in Aug 2010 to witness the migration.... my previous-trip pics in here ...checkout.
31st October 2009

Great Info
Hi, As a fellow travelblogger just wanted to say how impressed I am with your blogs. I'm currently planning a little excursion to rwanda, uganda and kenya and don't normally like joining the overland tours but felt like I had to go down that path as it seemed very difficult to joing a safari as liek you I will be travelling on my own. I have scoured the internet for weeks trying to find info on joining safaris on your own with no joy and stumbled across your "dull bits" and they have given me all the info I need - Many Thanks will be following the rest of your adventures with interest
19th January 2010

I can undertsand the excitement from your blog... Same here !! I used to start jumping by the very sight of a lion.... check my pics ! :) I am going back in Aug2010. Doing Tsavo east and west, Chyulu etc and then the mara.

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