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March 8th 2011
Published: March 21st 2011
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We departed the Savuka guesthouse in Nairobi around 9 am in the morning and headed to Lake Nakuru. We met our friendly safari guide Peter and found out that no one else booked with our group so it was just the two of us!! It was our first time outside of Nairobi and we were immediately in awe of the changes that take place once you leave the city. The small shacks, people waiting along the side of the road, kids playing football (soccer) in the school yards… and the list goes on. We both decided that the “small village” feel was our preferred viewpoint of Africa and it made us very excited for our volunteer placement with the Maasai. On the way to Nakuru we stopped at a viewpoint to witness the breath taking Great Rift Valley. It was a clear day and it appeared as though the valley stretched on endlessly. We arrived in Nakuru late in the afternoon and after a quick lunch we headed out in our safari van to explore the park. The highlight of visiting one of the lakes in the area is the opportunity to see rhinos. Although they are sometimes a rare sighting we were lucky enough to see several. We also were able to witness the flock of millions of pelicans and flamingos across the lake. As we traveled farther into the park we saw zebras, antelope, baboons, buffalo, and our first lion sighting. We were shocked to see one so soon… she was sleeping in the grass under a large acacia tree. As we headed out of the park the lighting changed dramatically as the sun set. It was quite a sight to see as the colors reflected on the lake and the pink flamingos. We asked our guide to stop and we took in our first Kenyan sunset on the shores of Lake Nakuru. We spent the night in a lovely hotel and awaited our days in Masai Mara.

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6th April 2011
Safari Sunset...

Just Beautiful!
wow! that looks amazing and so beautiful! now that glimpse makes us want to see more and more!! can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories that go with them!! keep trekkin' and making those memories!! we love you guys! P.S. is the polar bear picture going up on the wall?!(:

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