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March 16th 2010
Published: March 16th 2010
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Ok, i haven't written for a very long time! Apologies for that!

Basically, since i last wrote, I have left Kitengela and am now in Nakuru - my teaching came to an end. It was so difficult to say goodbye to all the children - lots of tears from both me and the kids, which made it even harder. They kept asking when i when i would be coming back, and when i said i didnt know, they got very upset, especially std 8. If i dont go back before December, i wont be able to see them again.
There was a goodbye assembly for me, in which the kids sang and said thank you. Some of them then gave me presents - i now have 18 bracelets and 8 necklaces. I had them all on when i got on the matatu - you should have seen the looks i was given! That evening, i also had to say goodbye to Peter, Salome and Beth, and the following morning, David and Priscilla - it was a very difficult couple of days 😞

The day before, Alun and I had arranged a sports day between our two schools. Another school came along as well and they all played football, netball and volleyball. I am very proud to say my boys football team won! There was lots of jumping up and down and cheering! The girls lost both netball and football, and both the girls and boys fore fitted the volleyball as they dont know how to play! It was a brilliant day - so much fun! Got very sun burnt though - the kids found that very strange!
Went to Carnivore that evening - was amazing! They just kept on bringing meat to the table, and carving it onto our plates. It was all delicious.

On Maasai Mara safari, we saw 10 males lions, 8 one-month old cubs and loads of lionesses! In the end, we saw people watching something and as we drove past and realised it was lions, we just went 'oh, lions? lets not bother stopping'! It was funny - i bet not many people have the chance to say that!

Have now started the Oasis trip. There are currently 16 of us, and others will be going at other points, and some will be getting off. Everyone seems lovely. They have all gone to Lake Nakuru on safari today, but i was ill this morning so stayed at the camp site. Sam, the tour leader, and Colin, the driver, gave me a lift into Nakuru and that is where i am at the moment. Hopefully will be better tomorrow.

I know iv missed loads of stuff out, so if there is something you want to ask me, please do!


16th March 2010

Save me a seat!
Sounds good, hope you're feeling better soon, and see you in a couple of weeks time!

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