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September 19th 2008
Published: September 19th 2008
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and then three came along at once
This is an apparent context

If you’ve lived or travelled extensively in Africa you’ll be aware of something known as "corruption". It’s as old as the hills - or at least their colonial naming - and therein lays the problem. From the president and his cronies, through the police, all the way down to the lowliest civil servant. Everyone bemoans its existence, yet nobody seems to be willing or able to tackle it. Politicians, of course, are elected on the back of lofty promises to do just that, yet on gaining power, the bad apples are replaced and recycled by a fresh batch, which seem to be sound on the surface.

Gramsci and the backpacker tourist

But this little rant isn’t about corruption; this is about 'power' and my perception of its corrupting influence; and ultimately about my nemesis: The Immigration Official.

And that is just it - there once was a blog here about an altercation I'd had with some border guards who wanted to charge me extra (about $20) for a visa I didn't think I needed. I 'won' out in the end, but

In hindsight the whole thing seems ridiculous

And so I deleted it. Because I'm still trying to figure out;

What makes the weary traveller lose his cool in the presence of the 'corrupt' immigration officer; and/or vice versa?

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19th September 2008

Awesome photos!!!!! THanks for sharing
19th September 2008

I'm not really sure how or why I get your blogs sent to my email, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I used to have a travelblog account, but I ocassionally do read yours and they always inspire me and I end up with an even longer list of new countries I want to visit! Hope you're having an amazing trip!
20th September 2008

Waouh !! amazing shoots you got there !! and well...border crossing definitely sounds like an adventure in itself!
24th June 2012

We LIVED in Tanzania East Africa for nearly 5 years. Have been standing where you stood. It is hard to understand, hard to believe it really happens, and yet it is very very present in the third worlds of Africa. hang in there and don't let their greed get in the way of you enjoying Africa. It is an amazing country. BY THE BY ...what camera are you using?

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