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January 28th 2010
Published: January 30th 2010
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Jan 28 
Day 13
Well I didn't sleep that well especially in he morning when it was freezing out but I didn't mind to much becaue it was so neat/cool to just sleep in a hammok under the stars. I got up early and did a work out to get my blood pumping.  We had a quick breaky and headed for lake navasha. We arrive around 5 hours later to a camp called fish eagle inn, where we wuickly made lunch and then went on a walkig safari which we had to pay for out of pocket.  We got to go on a little boat ride and see some hippos, although they were under water and all you could see was the top of their face and ears. Then we went for a walk in crater giraff park where we got to walk amongst zebras, giraffs, gazelles, and a massive elon antalope. It was really cool. You could appreciate the size of some of the animals in paticular the giraff once we were on foot looking up at them. At one point the zebras got spooked and ran off infront of us, a little stampede  it as really neat. 
After that we headed back to camp where Kathy had made a special potato soup for us which was delicious minus the hot dogs in it. While we were just sitting there chatting a park security guy came up to us and asked if we wantted to see some hippos. Needless to say we followed him to another camp to try and get a glimps of these creatures but unfortunatly they spook easily to noises and light. So we only got a look at their backs and how the moon was relecting off them before the scurried off. We went to another look out point but could only see their shadows. Then it was off to bed.  I set up my hammock again, much easier than settig up a tent. And boy was it cool when I went to sleep I could see stars, the overland truck and the tents infornt of me it was so amazubg I had a giddy little kid feeling before I fell asleep.  


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