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January 26th 2009
Published: January 26th 2009
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Toilet WaterToilet WaterToilet Water

This is where we crossed the equator. I was at first confused expecting that when I crossed it, the day would go from Saturday to Sunday. You can imagine my amazement when I learned that this is not the case, but that toilet water will drain counter-clockwise after crossing the equator. I immediately deficated in the small hut to the camera's left only to learn that the hole in the ground they have for a toilet, does not flush. Alas, I plan to investigate this further.
Greetings! We've been busy traveling and having diarrhea. Here are some photos from a couple of sites we've seen. The first is from Hell's Gate near Lake Naivasha. It's a national park where you can chase down Thompson Gazelle and Zebra on a Huffy mountain bike from the 1980's. Lake Naivasha is nearby, famous for the flocks of tens of thousands of flamingos you may have seen on the Discovery Channel. The other set of pictures are from Island Camp at Lake Baringo where a quarky old British guy in a man-skirt named Perry gives you a tent and lets you hang out at his pool. Perry would qualify the term tent, however, its a 'luxury tent' complete with a bathroom and bed...fantastic for sitting in the hot sun and baking while your intestines try to escape your body through the nearest available orifice.

Additional photos below
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Ahoy! Zebra!Ahoy! Zebra!
Ahoy! Zebra!

Take note of the large stripped equid in the background. It's a zebra. The woman pointing toward it was our Maasai tour guide. She charged me three hundred Kenyan Shillings and is now living with me as my soon-to-be-wife.

These large pink birds are Flamingos. Their color is the result of the algae they eat which in turn feeds on the fecal matter they leave behind in the lake...Tis the circle of life young Simba.
Hells BikesHells Bikes
Hells Bikes

This is a picture of our group riding our bikes to the entrance of Hell's Gate. It was filled with fantastic rock formations and tons of wildlife.

This is a baby Hiphopatomous. The real ones are far scarier and kill more persons than lions do each year in Kenya. This one was grazing just outside our banda. We plan to see rhymnoserous this weekend.
African WeinerschnitzelAfrican Weinerschnitzel
African Weinerschnitzel

This was a baboon hanging out by the road soliciting handouts from cars passing by-no kidding, a whole clan of them just stand there outside waiting for folks in traffic to throw them food. I couldn't give him a chip for free, so I had him show me his weiner and took a picture.

This is a photo of a giraffe. They are surprisingly tall, probably taller than even me with dress shoes on. They are very gentle and loved to be chased on mountain bikes--actually I get the feeling they prefer to be left alone, but we chased some of them anyway.
Great Rift ValleyGreat Rift Valley
Great Rift Valley

This is an overlook from the Great Rift Valley. We're quite a ways up, and if you look beyond at the edge where the vally meets the mist there is a further drop off of several thousand feet down to the valley floor
The Lap of LuxuryThe Lap of Luxury
The Lap of Luxury

Here is the view from our fantastic luxury tent. I believe at this point I was contemplating if I should be evacuated from Kenya to have my appendix removed, or just take my chance here.
Man SkirtMan Skirt
Man Skirt

Here is Perry, the entrepeneur and mastermind behind the Island Camp. Apparently he wears this skirt regularly and drinks all day. Even more interesting, the girl to his right may have been hitting on him. Sarah tells me she's never dated a man in a skirt, but that for some girls it can be a sticking point. Each to their own.
Interesting Fona and FloraInteresting Fona and Flora
Interesting Fona and Flora

Here is an example of the lizards that inhabited our tent. This coupled with my bout of traveler's diarrhea made the night less than enjoyable for Sarah.

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