Blogs from Hell's Gate National Park, Rift Valley Province, Kenya, Africa


A bit of a lazier start since we didn’t have to pack up our gear then out at 8am to hire a couple of bikes on the road to Hell’s Gate National Park. As Hell’s Gate doesn’t have any resident big cats its considered safe for tourists to walk and cycle here. We cycled along the 2km of road leading to the park gate dodging potholes and avoiding traffic all whilst remembering exactly how to ride a bike! Moses followed us in the minivan to the gate, paid for our park entry then bunny hopped past us whilst we cycled through the park. It was nice to get out of the van for a bit and get some fresh air during the 8km ride through Hell’s Gate and see some wildlife from our own feet. Impala ... read more
With Masai giraffe
Fischer's Tower

Wild animals, semi-wild animals and one animal that wouldn’t survive more than two days in the wild Emma has her birthday in the second half of June. This year we decided to celebrate this day in Kenya. The original plan was to spend the birthday on a safari. It didn’t pan out quite like that. We did go on two safaris while we were in Kenya but neither one was on her birthday. On the birthday we did something else, which was almost as good as a safari. We stayed only a short time in Kenya, just over a week, and we are going to tell our story from there in two separate blog entries. The first of these two you are reading right now and that one will focus on the wildlife of Kenya. Let ... read more
Elephant sanctuary
Cuddling an elephant

Preface I’ve wanted to go to Africa ever since I was a little girl. My parents (smartly) refused to get cable TV for most of my childhood, so I was usually glued to documentaries on PBS. My favorites were nature programs, particularly images of life and death on the Serengeti and all the drama of the great migration. Instead of dolls, I played with animal figurines, creating epic sagas with plastic lions and zebras on the front lawn. When I reached adulthood and began traveling, I figured I’d get there eventually. Other than a foray to Morocco with a friend many years ago, it didn’t happen. Then I started working at a university, which, among many other benefits, has generous vacation time. Throw in a great deal on airfare and my mind was made up. Life ... read more
Cycling Hell's Gate 1
The Great Rift Valley, Kenya
Cheetah, Masai Mara

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