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January 29th 2009
Published: January 29th 2009
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Here are a few pictures of our daily life in Kenya. Sarah splits her time between working at the pediatric center at the hospital and working in the marketing department for a factory of HIV positive women who make jewelry and other artisan crafts. I tend to go to the hospital every morning and do a lot of standing around, although this week I've spent time in rural health clinics doing outpatient work with HIV positive Kenyans.

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The Children's CenterThe Children's Center
The Children's Center

Here's Sarah singing songs and smiling with the kids. Smiling is her favorite.
Imani WorkshopImani Workshop
Imani Workshop

Here is the shop where Sarah spends the rest of her time. Most of the items made are developed from raw materials; all the clay, paper, and beads are all created in the factory. Despite the fact that everyone who works there has HIV (except Sarah), its a very happy place, full of laughing, jokes and good music.
Death's DoorstepDeath's Doorstep
Death's Doorstep

Here's a view from the middle of the hospital. The wards are to the left and the HIV care to the right. Most patients sleep two to a bed, there are significant limitations on what tests can be ordered (the CT scan has been down for 2 weeks), and patients can't leave until they pay, so there's a locked gate with guards behind the camera. Inspite of all this, many good things happen here everyday; lives are saved, people with HIV get treatments they could never afford in the states, and I've learned how to treat more malaria, TB, and HIV than I'll ever see at home. Sorry there's no gross photos of people dying. There's plenty of that too, but it's probably not prudent to post that on the internet.

This is downtown Eldoret. Take this small glimpse, multiply it by 1000, add in a dust storm, a shanty town, and another 1000 cars without trafic lights, and you can get a feel for what town is like.

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