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April 2nd 2013
Published: April 14th 2013
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Don’t you just hate goodbyes? I prefer “see-ya-laters”. Nairobi seems to be emptying out of our friends this past year, and the beginning of the year has seen 3 families dear to us leave. It is hard, it really is, saying goodbye, explaining to little ones that they won’t see “soo-and-soo” as they will now live in – pick one “Myanmar, Cambridge, Romania, Scotland, Australia, Chad, DRC, Finland, Dubai, America, etc, etc”. We have friends all over the world, and it is hard.

So hard, I needed to escape from Nairobi, yet again, I headed to South Africa with a friend. South Africa doesn’t feel like the “Africa” I know, it’s so much cheaper than Kenya, the roads are smooth, the shopping is amazing, you can buy anything you want in the supermarket, clothes, house stuff, anything, and it doesn’t cost the earth. The food is cheap and amazing! It’s truly a “break” from my reality. Don’t get me wrong, my reality is fine, it’s just been my reality for 5 years now and with no change on the horizon, it gets to me sometimes. I went with a friend who has “left” Kenya now.

Easter we had the offer from a pilot friend of ours to fly his and our family to the beach for the Easter weekend. What an amazing experience, we had a great journey and a lovely break at the coast. The kids swam, and beached, we relaxed. It was great.

Since my last blog, Murray has gone to Dadab and Uganda again and Tanzania, and I think I’ve forgotten another trip? He has promised a blog with all of his trips over the last 3 months soon-ish.

In April we look forward to Hayley and Charlottes birthday celebrations and the Findlays (minus Sarah) are coming for a short visit, ya!

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14th April 2013

I was a missionary kid so grew up in several cultures...
with people entering and leaving. The psychologist have since identified this kind of upbringing as Third Culture Kids. There are books on the subject which will help you understand what your kids will be when they get older. There are some very positive things, but you need to understand and address the negative ones.
14th April 2013

Aircraft Safety
I would be inclined to keep the kids away from the propellor even though it is a gas turbine engine. Worried Grandparent.
15th April 2013

See you soon!
Great photos of the family there guys! That looks like a great beach holiday you had together. King George looks a bit scary though! I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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