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February 10th 2013
Published: February 10th 2013
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Murray has managed a 2 week trip to Southern Sudan, complete with gun fight outside his compound, he is currently in Switzerland and then will head straight to Uganda. Insane, but that’s normally how his jobs start out, hit the ground running and all. We are being positive, but 4 weeks out of 5 weeks not in Nairobi is a challenge. I will hopefully get a blog out of him soon-ish, but I would settle for a conversation at this stage, so, no rush on that one 😊

Me and the kids have been in Nairobi, settling into our new house. We love the new house, nothing wrong with the old house, we loved that too, and we just needed a change, as we crossed into our 5th year in Kenya. With the change in Murrays job, came a few other changes. Murray lost his “company car” perk, and “furniture in the house” perk. So in a way our house is back to “camping”, we are slowly getting there, but it feels we should already have a functional house with being here so long.

Charlotte started a new school, a big British private school; it’s a far cry from my primary schooling in my decile 1 school (ie. Couldn’t get poorer than that), and it’s an adjustment for all. School line up is at 8am, which means we are out the door at 7.30am to get through the internal gate, to make it easier to drop off Hayley. Charlotte loves her new school, and is disappointed when I pick her up, she has told me she can catch the bus, ie. Mum you’re not needed, I am a big girl! Hayley is still at her kindergarten, she has done great this term so far. She has really matured and is my big helper, setting the table and loves to cook and bake. Emma is continuing with the little nursery play group, but it’s now at our house for half a term. It’s going well, and she is singing her abcs, 1,2,3s, as well as Jingle Bells, Wheels on the bus, and baa baa black sheep. She celebrated her 2nd birthday (after Dad got back from his trip), with a few friends and a Peppa Pig cake. She has started telling jokes, which is funny, her favourite is pretending she is someone else “not Emma, I am Mildred” hand actions and everything, its funny!

We seem to be still farewelling lots of people, and have a new family member that we inherited from some lovely friends who are in the process of leaving. Meet Megan (as if Murray wasn’t already outnumbered!), I am a little worried about owning such a pet, as my mum would say “Miriam is petrified of dogs”. In my bid to have my kids not “petrified” we have the amazing Megan to help us. She was the first dog I voluntarily played with (since then we have Mac the dog in the states).

(I feel I have to apologise for the quality of some of the photos, I am enjoying my new found photography and editing skills, but have a love-hate relationship with my iphone. The pics that are bad quality are the iphone ones, which I still love as it captures a moment. Unless I start carrying around the big camera permanently or get a more recent iphone, I don’t see it changing in a hurry, sorry or as we say here “pole sana”.)

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10th February 2013

Gorgeous Girls
Thanks for the update - Emma has grown heaps since we last saw you!
11th February 2013

I think your photos are amazing! The girls certainly seem to be enjoying their sports! Just like their mother!
11th February 2013

Thanks for the blog update and its good to hear all your news, we always think of you in the house we visited so its good to see some pics of your new place. The girls just continue to look more and more lovely and I am so glad they are all loving school. I pray for you all and I hope Murray will be home more soon once he is settled into the new job. We had snow in London today so a far cry from all those lovely sunny pictures, bump is growing and we are at 21 weeks now so exciting, you are an inspirational mom! Sending lots of love from us to you all Lins & Stu xxx

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