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August 28th 2009
Published: August 28th 2009
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Today first thing in the morning we had breakfast, made our lunches, got our work supplies ready, then set off in the matatoo (bus). One thing I noticed though is that the people of the village were smiling at us and telling us "good job" and other signs of gratitude. We arrived at the school half an hour later and saw that the workers we hired had already started working on the school so we busily set our bags aside and cast into the work with them. I first went ahead and started mixing cement with the other Kenyans and we did this for a few hours and we mixed the cement then shoveled to other people who splatted it onto the wall. Afterwards I then switched jobs and started shoveling dry cement into a rolling cart then later I would shove the rolling cart to the other workers or I would fetch water or perform various tasks that were needed to keep our operation going. Later I stopped working with cement and went ahead washed the walls of an old classroom with my fellow challengers. We scrubbed the walls with wet rags until the incrusting dirt came off the walls. We later than cracked open some cans of sky blue paint and started painting the walls. We did this for an hour or two and when we were done we left it to dry. We had lunch and a soda then went to work again and played some football and when the sky went to dusk we headed back to camp worn and covered in cement and paint knowing that we had done a good deed.


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