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Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 30th 2011

Most of the group met up Amsterdam on Sunday morning. We ran into a slight delay due to a mechanical failure. So we got swiched to a new gate, which meant another security screen and about an hour delay. We got into Nairobi around 10:30 pm and after an hour spent getting our Kenya visas, we left the air port around 11:30. Two members of the group went to Nairobi a couple days early to do some site seeing before the trip, and we met them at Grace House, our hotel for the evening, and had some late night dinner. As most of us were pretty exhausted from 24 hours of travel, we went to bed right after dinner. We loaded up on the bus around 9:00 am to head to Bomet, where we will be ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 27th 2011

Zum Abschluss unserer Reise gehen wir in Nairobi richtig gut und ausgiebig essen. Dazu gibt es eine Top-Adresse, das „Carnivore“, das beihnahe schon Kult für Kenia-Reisende ist. Aber auch viele Einheimische kommen zumindest zu besonderen Anlässen zum Essen. Man zahlt einen Pauschalbetrag, und bekommt nach einer Suppe eine Auswahl an Beilagen und Saucen und Teller auf den Tisch gestellt. Und schon geht es los- Kellner mit großen Spießen bringen immer neue Fleischspezialitäten vom Grill vorbei. Neben Rind und Schwein gibt es auch ausgefallenere Fleischsorten, wie Kamel oder Krokodil. Dazu bekommt man bei Bedarf auch eine Anweisung, welche Sauce dazu passt. Man isst bis man nicht mehr kann, und bekommt dann noch eine Nachspeise und Tee oder Kaffee. Unser Taxi-Fahrer macht uns richtig schlechtes Gewissen, als er uns am Weg zum Restaurant von der Hungersnot in Somalia ... read more
Carnivore 2

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 20th 2011

Two of my friends, Colin and John, arrived in Nairobi on Sunday 17th July after their epic climb up Mt Kilimanjaro. Couldn't believe how fresh they both looked, I was starting to think that may be they didn't do the climb, it's amazing what you can do with photo-shop these days ;-)) From their pictures and stories it sounded amazing. In the evening took them to Village Market, a small shopping centre in the north west of Nairobi, which has an outside food court where you can get great food for around £4.50. After that is was back home for a nice relaxing evening looking at their photos. The next morning Nic arrived from London. On the Monday we all went of the visit St Dorcas. On the way we stopped off to buy loads of ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 16th 2011

Midden in de nacht in Nairobi aangekomen na een paar uur vertraging. Snel een taxi kunnen vinden, maar het vinden van het hostel waar ik verbleef, kostte wat meer tijd en na een half uur zoeken rondom het hostel kwamen we achter het probleem: de eigenaar had net de dag ervoor de naam veranderd....heel handig... Om vier uur 's nachts neergeplofd op m'n bed en nog wat geslapen, voordat ik de volgende dag Nairobi inging voor het bezoeken van het National Museum en het zoeken van een tour naar Mount Kenya. Alleen al het zoeken van een tour naar Mount Kenya was al een avontuur op zich. Natuurlijk had ik er totaal niet over nagedacht dat het zondag was en in een behoorlijk Christelijk land als Kenia er dan niet veel geopend is in Nairobi dan. ... read more
Op weg naar Shipton's
Bromelia met vogel
Gids Josep

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 16th 2011

As usually we were up by 8 o'clock. This time because the women in front of our room had to wash clothes and talked loudly. We ate breakfast with a whole bunch of other girls and then started our day trip through Nairobi with a mix of girls from Germany, Australia, USA and England. We first went to the giraffe center to see the giraffes we didn't get to see in the wilderness. We fed them and you could even give them a kiss (which was pretty disgusting, but of course the dumb tourist had to try it). After that we continued our trip and went to monkey park where we fed some monkeys. A guy came by and sold us peanuts to feed to the monkeys and those little bastards tried to snatch them away ... read more
I love them!
Jane and I
Nellie and I

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 15th 2011

We didn't really have a plan for the day so we decided to sleep in. At 7 o'clock however two people came in our room and after that I was just snoozing. We got up after a while and I met Izzo and Martin, some of Jane's friends. Afterwards we went to "Junction", the mall where all the rich people hang out. We went to the "Nairobi Java House" where we met Tarsh and Vicky, some more of Jane's friends. They have been working on a medical clinic and took the day off to rest and get some work on the computer done. We pretty much spent the entire afternoon in that café and only left for a little to go to a slum market where Jane wanted to look for an Obama hat since Africa ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 8th 2011

On Thursday I got invite to the Rangers Restaurant , which is just inside the Nairobi National Park in Langatta, for lunch at 2:30pm by a friend of mine Allen. As it was across town the only way to get there was to get a Matatu into town, walk to the other side of town down Moi Ave to the train station and then get a matatu right to the gate of the park and make sure I get home before dark. All sounds pretty simple right? Well that is what I thought when I set off. Decided to leave home at about 1:15 to give me enough time to get there. On the way the matatu took a different route to normal, when I asked the conductor what was happening he said there was a ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 3rd 2011

Have just had a few eventful days. On Thursday at St Dorcas the kids decided it was time that I learnt Swahili, the local language. They have started me off with some common greetings and numbers 1 to 10 and I have till Monday to learn them as they are going to test me when I get to the orphanage, I'm sure I'm meant to be the teacher Some examples are Hello - Habari How are you - u hali gani Fine - mzuri What is your name - jina lako nani My name is Chris - jina langu ni Chris Thank you - asante sana You're welcome - karibu On my way home from St Dorcas on Thursday I saw my first bribe taking place. I was on a Matatu travelling home when I saw ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi June 28th 2011

Vi var idag ting på min fars gamle skole - Rift Valley Academy. Det var fedt, der var masser af ting man kunne lave. Fodbold, rugby, basketball, badminton og en masse andet sport. Og om tirsdagen er der stadigvæk burgere og pommes friter, som da far gik der - uhm. Og "tilfældigvis" var vi der en tirsdag. Jonathan... read more
Rift Valley Academy
Rift Valley Academy
Rift Valley Academy

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi June 27th 2011

Sundays are really busy in Nairobi - more than 80% of two million people are eager churchgoers. We visited FEM in the Karen area together with approx. 5000 others - where Reverend Teresia Wairimu pastors. I had the honor to preach, and Stig Hagen (our travelpartner family) sang, and the kids went to kids English-Swahili Sunday School. Amazing experience for all of us! Thanks to all the wonderful kind and welcoming people at the church. We felt part of a worldwide family:) Søndage er ofte meget travle dage i Nairobi - mere end 80% af byens befolkning er entusiastiske kirkegængere. Vi besøgte sammen med ca. 5000 andre FEM i Karen området, hvor Pastor Teresia Wairimu er leder. Jeg havde æren af at prædike i næste en time, Stig Hagen (som vi rejser med) sang, og børnene ... read more
Church in Nairobi
New church building
Ezra Church Project

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