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November 15th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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October briefly.
Murray visited Myanmar in October. Due to upcoming elections he was unable to visit the field sites which meant a shorter trip and being based in the main city Yangon. While he was there another cyclone passed through, but information was slow to come through from the rural areas. Murray had been back in Kenya awhile before the reports of damage and fatalities were made public. Despite the original fear, damage was not as bad as expected and only 30 or so people died.

We went to Lake Naivasha for the weekend with some new friends. The kids are very sweet together; they played and explored the house and surrounding farm. The 4 kids caused quite the sensation in the village, all 4 of them with curly blond hair. We took a boat trip to Crescent Island, spotting hippos on the way. There are no predators, so you are free to roam with the zebras, wilder beasts, giraffes and impala. Funny how ‘no predators’ is perceived by the locals, as a guide was telling us we could find a very big snake skeleton over by the tree ‘near the hyena hole’. Near the what now? ‘No problem, Hyena is sleeping’, yeah, sorry, I’ve seen LOADS of hyenas active during the day when they are suppose to be ‘sleeping’. Anyway, we had a lovely time and survived the hippo popping up 1 metre from our boat, the waterbuck darting in front of us, the sleeping Hyenas and also the lightening strike 20metres from where we were walking.

We managed to book a beach holiday in the beginning of November, after realizing we hadn’t seen the beach since April :-O and with the impending separation, flight home and busyness of being in NZ during the Christmas period, we needed this time away. We booked a house at Vipingo with some friends of ours. Unfortunately, our friends pulled out for medical reasons, so it was just us in the big house. We still managed to have a nice time, although missing our friends, we really enjoyed the salt air and the kids loved splashing about in the pool. Hayley, quite the dare devil compared to her sister, as far as the water was concerned.

November is a busy month for us. Murray has a 2 week conference at the end of the month in UK, he arrives home in the morning and we fly back to NZ in the evening. He will be leaving the conference a day early, and my doctor has approved me flying that late, its also within the airlines guidelines, but we are cutting it a little close. So please pray for us, as this hideous flight schedule home, with an already jet lagged/sleep deprived husband, 8 month pregnant belly and 2 toddlers for over 30hours on 3 airplanes, and 3 airports later, lets just say we’re not looking forward to it.

December-January will be spent in Auckland, New Zealand, awaiting the arrival of the 3rd Burt Jnr. It will be 19months since we were last in NZ and the longest we’ve been away, even Murray is having food cravings, fresh bread shops beware 😊


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Hayley playingHayley playing
Hayley playing

Lake Naivasha
Boat RoadBoat Road
Boat Road

Lake Naivasha
Picnic timePicnic time
Picnic time

Crescent Island, Lake Naivasha
More animalsMore animals
More animals

Crescent Island
Charlotte enjoying the poolCharlotte enjoying the pool
Charlotte enjoying the pool

Vipingo, Kenya Coast

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
The BeachThe Beach
The Beach

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
The girls enjoying the oceanThe girls enjoying the ocean
The girls enjoying the ocean

Vipingo, Kenya Coast

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
Our girlsOur girls
Our girls

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
More fun in the waterMore fun in the water
More fun in the water

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
Getting ready for a swimGetting ready for a swim
Getting ready for a swim

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
Hayley all ready for a swimHayley all ready for a swim
Hayley all ready for a swim

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
Hayley playing with DadHayley playing with Dad
Hayley playing with Dad

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
Hayley loves the water!Hayley loves the water!
Hayley loves the water!

Vipingo, Kenya Coast
Charlotte enjoying her carCharlotte enjoying her car
Charlotte enjoying her car

Vipingo, Kenya Coast

15th November 2010

It'll be great to see you guys, but what a trip! Yeah, we'll be praying! See you soon. God bless. G & J.
15th November 2010

24 sleeps to go x
is that pic meant to say "boat road" ??? or is it RIDE?? lack of sleep? baby brain? - i could well be wrong xx as always GREAT pics!! EX camera you burts have!! - also helps having photo-genic kids xx cant wait to SEE you xxxx? - 24 sleeps to go...xxxxx
15th November 2010

all the best
Hey Miriam, All the best for the trip home - I'll pray for you. Lovely photos of the girls and your holidays! We are looking forward to catching up with you all when you're home. Joanne
16th November 2010

Looks amazing. Am currently on contract in Gabon, but definitely want to get over your side of the continent within the next 24 months. Will have to hit you up for some travel info cheers Daniel
16th November 2010

Not long to go
Thanks for the update - great photos - all the best for your mega marathon home - can't wait to see you all. Love Gillian.
9th July 2012
Mugaa House, Lake Naivasha

Love seeing your pictures of Naivasha. I have many happy memories of Naivasha as we lived on lake Naivasha in the 60's, (at the top of the drive leading to the Lake Hotel) and we also lived at Morendat where my husband was Assistant Engineer at what was the Kenya Co-operative Creameries. Have always dreamed of returning for a visit but am sure it must have changed a lot. I remember a few local farmers and residents, Jock Dawson, the Hilliers (Roz in particular), Rex and Belinda Higgins and the Bistletti family. Wonder if any of them are still around. Crescent Island looks a little different as it was formerly covered with much undergrowth. Are there schools in the area for the children ? or must they go boarding at an early age as in the 60's ?

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