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April 26th 2010
Published: April 28th 2010
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Murrays report of Myanmar is to follow, it just seems easier to write about holidays, visitors and birthdays at the moment 😊

My mum, dad and brother came to visit for a month. We have had a lovely time, took Dad on his first African safari to Lake Nakuru and Tsavo West National parks, and managed to see 4 of the big 5 animals: Lion, Black Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo, but didn’t see the elusive Leopard. Then we spent an amazing week relaxing and swimming at a beach house in Kilifi at the northern coast of Mombassa.

We celebrated our April girls birthdays. Hayley turned 1yr, and Charlotte 3yrs.

Hayley had a teddy bears picnic with her friends from a small playgroup of her aged friends. Unfortunately the rain and power cut meant we had a picnic indoors in the dark lounge, but it wouldn’t be Kenya without it, right? Hayley managed to show off her new found legs and did some walking to inspire her friends, they were not that impressed, but their mums were 😊 She has started to “talk” more and one of her favourites is “here”. “Here” Charlotte have my toy, Charlotte reaches for it, Hayley withdraws it just as Charlotte is about to take it. Hayley thinks this is hilarious, and throws her head back and laughs, this can go on for 10 minutes or so. She is very cheeky. She also somehow manages to squeeze in between Mum & Charlottes hugs and then gives her sister a silly smirk as if to say “honestly Charlotte, you should know better”. We are enjoying her more and more.

Charlotte has been preparing for her birthday for months, first its Florahs, then its Dylans, then its Lilas, etc, etc. So you can imagine her surprise when she woke and I told her it was her birthday. Pure delight. She wanted to go straight down stairs and get presents like Hayley did the day before. Watching her really delight in all her presents was nice. Wearing her new heels, while riding her new bike and clinging to her Barbie. She then discovered a bouncy castle in the garden, which was very exciting and had her glued to the window pleading to be let outside to play on it. Then her friends came over for afternoon tea and butterfly cake. The weather wasn’t great, but the

Lake Nakuru
one downpour ending in the kids having a good boogie in the lounge, so not too bad. And the one power cut deflating the bouncy castle was right at the end too. All in all it was a great day. Charlotte is quite the character and it looks like that won’t change. Well known for her golden curly locks and fun loving attitude, we are really looking forward to her next year. (A real mummy comment, but she is now fully potty trained, & even dry at nights, something we are VERY happy about.)

I think its pretty obvious we are extremely proud of our little girls, & are daily reminded that we are very blessed!

My family head back home to NZ this week. Murray is not travelling next month, but will do a couple of conferences in Kenya.

Love to all,

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Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru
Hayley on her new trikeHayley on her new trike
Hayley on her new trike

Hayleys Birthday
The face says it all!The face says it all!
The face says it all!

Hayleys birthday
Hayley with her teddysHayley with her teddys
Hayley with her teddys

Hayleys birthday
Cake timeCake time
Cake time

Hayleys Birthday
Unofficially 3yrs old :)Unofficially 3yrs old :)
Unofficially 3yrs old :)

Charlottes birthday
Cake timeCake time
Cake time

Charlottes birthday
Now I am 3yrs oldNow I am 3yrs old
Now I am 3yrs old

Charlottes birthday

28th April 2010

Great Pics!
Love your pics of the girls and the Safari ones aren't bad either. It was a great holiday!
28th April 2010

So you should be proud of those 2 precious beautiful girls!!! OH MY GOODNESS I cannot believe how much older Hayley looks...the baby no longer! xx
28th April 2010

Pink girls! And I'm not referring to the flamingoes!
Well, I probably am, but geez, WOW, those two girls of yours have really grown, haven't they?! Sounds like you had a great time with the grandparents and have made a lot of lifelong memories together. I'm so glad you and Murray are so happy out there :-) Keep in touch, Love, Mel xo
29th April 2010

Two Lil Cuties
I especially love the pic of Hayley walking - she looks delighted!
30th April 2010

Congratulations !!
What a mile stone for you all. It all sounded delightful !! I see charlotte is in the outfit I gave her. So glad it fits now. She looks delightful. So glad we got to skype, because it soon died on us but we had seen enough to help. Even to Hayley walking !!
3rd May 2010

Those were great photo's! Thanks for the update.
6th May 2010

Birthdays & beyond
Hi All - great to see you're having a fantastic time in Africa...how wonderful to have your parents join you on the girls birthdays and more - amazing how much time flies, from baby girl to little girl, huh! You all do look well - obviously traveling, exploring, living in other parts of the world suit you perfectly....?? Just got back from Hawaii after a month looking after my two grand daughters - while parents work! Would love to stay on but I need to come back and sort my work etc. Thanks for sharing your lovely news - keep up the good work. Kind regards Fa'api'o xox :o)

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